Ansan : The Grill at Chimaek (치맥)

치맥 - The Grill

8th November 2012.
Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
치맥 Chimaek refers to beer and chicken, a common sight around South Korea and probably one of the first things you would try in South Korea after Korean BBQ and the Bibimbap. While I am not a fan of beer, I would gladly have some fried chicken for a snack.

치맥 - The Grill

Unsurprisingly, you find many of these eateries around our school (besides cafes and BBQ restaurants). One of them is named Chimaek Chicken and Beer and you could easily recognize it with its cartoon mascots of a chicken and pig standing together like buddies along with a chicken drinking beer. Chimaek specializes in Korean BBQ as well as grilled sausages besides the chicken and beer.

치맥 - Dips

What makes this eatery stood out is its variety of dips. My particular favourite is the Wasabi Honey Dip which was rather unique. It was spicy and sweet but not the usual Korean or Thai way and it went pretty well with the eatery’s grilled chicken and pork belly too.

치맥 - The Grill

For the meal we ordered some BBQ Pork Belly, which were thick and tender and came with kimchi on the grill.

치맥 - Assorted Sausages

We also shared Grilled Chicken and assorted Grilled Sausages which came in a combo. The whole meal cost roughly about 8500-10000 KRW per pax including some onion salad and chilled noodles at the end.

치맥 - Onion Salad
치맥 - Chilled Noodles

The sausages differ in texture and flavor. One of them was quite spicy like an Asian chorizo and another tasted like a dense fish cake.

치맥 - Grilled Chicken
치맥 - Grilled Chicken

The chicken was very tender with nicely charred skin and while it was supposed to be spicy, I found it acceptable. I was told our choice of chicken was actually “Gongbao” flavoured. I couldn’t tell. Then again, with our limited Korean, we couldn’t be 100% sure of what we have actually ordered. Thankfully, the food was decent.

Seems like a chain of beer and chicken eateries. We visited the one near our school located next to a playground near a Tex –Mex eatery. The eatery faces is located in a courtyard-style neighbourhood where Have U Bean, a cafe is situated.


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