Seoul : Cakes Around the Campus

Cafe Windmill

27th – 30th August 2012. Written by Xin Li.
Around ERICA, Ansan, Seoul, South Korea
There are a number of cafes surrounding our campus. Cafes are clearly the trend in Korea nowadays. The coffee hasn’t impress me so far but how about the cakes?

Oh! Sweet Dream Cafe

Oh! My Sweet Café!
My first café comes from Oh! My Sweet Café located just outside the campus. Left with only 2 to 3 choices, I picked the Chocolate Noir Cake (3500 KRW) which was pretty good. It is a bittersweet dark chocolate mousse cake covered with a layer of dark chocolate coating which was rather rich. Texture wise, it was rather coarse but for any chocolate fans, this is quite a decent cake.

Oh! Sweet Dream Cafe - Chocolate Noir

Cake Café
With a name like that, you would really want to try one of their cakes. They have about 6-8 choices, so I decided to go with the Kiwi Shortcake (around 3500-4500 KRW) which is a little unique. The cake did not work for me, the kiwi was sour and the cake has a hint of cheese to it. The combination is a little weird. Overall, if you have a sweet tooth, this cake might not work for you.

Cake Cafe - Kiwi Shortcake

Cafe Windmill
On the first sight, Windmill Café’s cakes looked horrible as if someone has just deflated them. However, curious how they actually tasted like I ordered a Chocolate Cheese Cake (3500 KRW). The cake was very dense with a strong cheese flavour complemented with a brownie like base. It is a little dry hence the cake tends to flake off easily but taste wise it was a decent cake and it would go rather well with their vanilla ice cream with balance off the heaviness of its rich flavours.

Cafe Windmill - Chocolate Cheesecake


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