Seoul : Pourtoi Bakery

Pourtoi Bakery - at Hongdae.

24th August 2012. Written by Xin Li.
Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.
Bakeries could be found in almost every corner in Seoul from downtown to the suburbs. One of our favourite bakeries is Pourtoi Bakery located near our hostel at Hongik University. The bakery is mysteriously open early till late at night but the bread never disappoints. We had breakfast, dinner and snack from the same bakery for our first 4 days in Seoul.
Pourtoi Bakery - Assortment

One of the bread that transports us back to Singapore is their Mocha Bread (2000 KRW), also known as Kopi Papa. Pourtoi Bakery’s Mocha Bread has the same familiar coffee flavour but the interior has a layer of sweet paste-like filling which differs from the buttery interior in our Singaporean versions.

Pourtoi Bakery - More Bread
Other stuff we got from Pourtoi Bakery also includes meringue-looking bread that is actually peanut bread, an Apple Turnover-lookalike that was in fact a banana-curry-puff bread. It was kind of bizarre but amusing. Yes, we accidentally got a cheesecake for breakfast.

Pourtoi Bakery - The Champion Breakfast
One of our favourites from Pourtoi Bakery is a huge bun filled with all kinds of ingredients such as potatoes, tomatoes, egg and carrots and has a deep fried crust. How I wish we could have these in NUS, they make for the perfect convenient breakfast.

Pourtoi Bakery - Breads

Bread is not cheap in Seoul, a set of 4 sandwiches here cost 4500 KRW. Nonetheless, they were pretty good and a yummy loaf of Cheese and Ham but sets you back at around 4000 KRW?

Pourtoi Bakery - Sandwiches

Nonetheless, they were delicious. Pity we don’t have them in NUS.

Pourtoi Bakery
Around 200-40 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul


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