Hong Kong : Breakfast at 澳門冰室

Macau Cafe  澳門冰室 - Sign

3rd December 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Hong Kong, China
I may not be fan of Macau, but one of my best breakfasts is actually in a café named after it. Located within the shopping district of Tsim Sha Tsui, Macau Café (澳門冰室) shouldn’t be hard to miss. We wonder if it is related to the Macau Tea Restaurant just opposite the street.

Macau Cafe  澳門冰室 - Interior

Tucked away in the second floor of a tenement, the Macau Café is a tiny, bustling café, the food and ambience is simple and unpretentious.

Macau Cafe  澳門冰室 - Breakfast

We had one of their affordable breakfast sets ranging from 25 -28 HKD. I had the Macaroni with Beef Stew or 鮮茄牛腩粒湯通粉, a bowl of Macaroni served with a rich tomato-based beef stew with chunks of beef and bits of vegetables inside. It was a warm and hearty start for the day and perfect to fight the cold outside in a December morning.

Macau Cafe  澳門冰室 - Macanese Buns

The Macanese Buns are really good. it is probably like the kaya toast equivalent for breakfast. The crust was crispy and the interior was fluffy with lightly toasted with butter. These were served with condensed milk too and most importantly, warm. I had an enjoyable breakfast.

Price for a Great Morning: 26 HKD

Macau Cafe  澳門冰室 - Breakfast

Macau Café (澳門冰室)

Shop 6B, 7B, 12 B, Tsim Sha Tsui Mansion, 83-97 Nathan Road


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