Anantara Bangkok Sathorn : Why I Love Kitchens

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Breakfast

6th - 8th December 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Bangkok, Thailand
One of the reasons why I like booking Serviced Apartments or Suites is because they have a kitchen and its ideal for accommodating a big group of people. Frowned upon as “awkward” by a fellow moose, I think he just doesn’t see the merit of the fun of preparing breakfast in the morning.

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Scrambled Eggs

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn has kitchens provided but very oddly…no cutleries and utensils for cooking! So we ended up buying a pan, knives and stuff to cook.

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Toasted Bread

Breakfasts for the two mornings we stayed at Anantara Bangkok Sathorn was a sumptuous affair, we had scrambled eggs, salads, grilled tomatoes or mushrooms….

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Grilled Mushrooms
Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Sandwich

Weixiang also prepared what I called the Death by Sandwich, a sinful sandwich of ham, toasted bread, avocado, eggs and cheese.

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Death by Sandwich
Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Sandwich

We even got some prosciutto and rock melon.

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Prosciutto

We also ordered an item from the in-room dining menu. It was the worse gyoza I ever had. Their Shanghai Dumplings which cost more than 150 THB was foul. Literally foul, the juice inside has a pungent aftertaste and the dip was just odd tasting.

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Shanghai Dumplings

Breakfast was fun. Read here for our stay at the Anantara Bangkok Sathorn.

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Breakfast

36 Narathiwat-Ratchanakarin Road
Bangkok 10120


  1. Dear Ms. Xin Li and fellow Moose Crew,

    Thank you for your recent blog and comments regarding your stay this past December.

    Overall, I am glad it appears you had an enjoyable visit. However, I am sorry we did not meet your complete expectations with regards to the cuisine and pricing.

    Although, the hotel rooms feature kitchens in the 1 Bdrm and 2 Bdrm units we do not stock cooking equipment as we sell this wing as a hotel. We do have true Service Apartments in the other tower which you reference. My apologies if there was any mis-communication with your booking.

    Once again, thank you for your patronage and feedback. If I can be of any future assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me as noted below.

    Best regards,
    Francis Zimmerman | General Manager & Director of Operations Thailand |
    Anantara Bangkok Sathorn |
    36 Narathiwat-Ratchanakarin Road, Yannawa | Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, THAILAND | Phone: +66 (0) 2210 9000 | Fax: +66 (0) 2210 9001 |

  2. MUST go to Somboon Seafood for curry crabs! Absolutely cannot leave Bangkok without going there.

  3. haha I will tell my friends who are heading there. Quite a lot of tourist restaurants around BKK =/

  4. Just make sure you don't get ripped off, there r some imitation restaurants of Somboon Seafood, and apparently, some taxi drivers even conspire with the imitation restaurants to trick you into going to the fake restaurant. Check out Somboon's website for the locations so you don't get tricked. I think it's



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