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Cafe Epicurious - Signage
Railway Bridge at Rail Mail

31st March 2012. Written by Xin Li.
The railways may be no more but the Rail Mall continues to be a relaxing corner to enjoy a good weekend brunch after a week’s worth of hard work. One such venue for a soothing way to start the weekend is Café Epicurious.

Cafe Epicurious - Blackboard
Cafe Epicurious - Decor

Café Epicurious serve a host of delicious brunch items including classics such as the Eggs Benedict or a sumptuous Full Monty Breakfast. However classics aside, today I found a new favourite that can be both breakfast and a good table snack.

Cafe Epicurious - Interior

The Baked Eggs with Toast Soldiers (14.00++ SGD)two eggs with bacon, mushroom, tomato and cream, covered with cheese and baked until gooey is probably best described as the breakfast Pokey or the morning fondue except tastier.

Cafe Epicurious - Baked Eggs

Love the nicely toasted buttered toast spread with a bit of baked eggs and topped with a slice of mushroom or you could simply dip it into the creamy Baked Eggs. It is a versatile and tasty dish.

Cafe Epicurious - Green Eggs and Eggs Benedict

I remember seeing Green Eggs at Group Therapy before but the Green Eggs with Ham at Café Epicurious was milder, suitable for people who found the herbal earthy flavours at Group Therapy overwhelming. The Green Eggs with Ham is one of the three choices among Baked Egg and Egg Benedict in Half of this and Half of That (16.00++ SGD), an item that let the undecided you have both kinds of egg dishes for breakfast.

Cafe Epicurious - Ratatouille Omelette

You could also start your day with on a more savoury note with the Ratatouille Omelette (14.00++ SGD). I enjoyed this dish rather a lot not only because the egg not only because the egg was cooked perfectly but the ratatouille folded within was great, rich tomatoey stew like filling.

Cafe Epicurious - Ratatouille Omelette

It reminded me of the lovely omelette at the Majestic in Melaka. This might just be a good alternative for usual salads for the vegetarians out there (unless you practice an ovo-vegetarian diet).

Cafe Epicurious - Pancakes

Other classics featured on the menu include Pancakes (8.00++ SGD) served with maple syrup and topped with banana slices and berries. The pancake was decent, being able to retain its firmness even after the maple syrup has sip through and the pancakes were fluffy with a nice chewy texture. Pity there were too little banana and strawberry slices. If not it would have been awesome.

Cafe Epicurious - Epicurious Burger

The award-winning Epicurious Burger (18.00++ SGD, +2.00 SGD for a topping of cheese,bacon,egg or mushroom)with sesame seed bun, caramelized onions and fries was huge. The burger patty was flavourful but it came across as a little dry.

Cafe Epicurious - Epicurious Burger

This however is perhaps offset by the nicely caramelized onions and perhaps the addition of some cheddar cheese. On the side note, the Lime Mayo Dip for fries was really good. A wee bit fluid but I enjoyed every bit the limey mayo with a hint of lemongrass-like flavour with the short cut fries. Seems like the Epicurious Burger has somewhat changed since simplestaphrodisiac tried it 2 years ago.

Cafe Epicurious - Intimate Moments

Café Epicurious also have a branch at Robertson Quay but I was told that while both shared a similar menu, certain items are different and some are branch-exclusive due to the different groups of patrons. For example, the Croque Monsieur sandwich is more popular at the Robertson Quay branch as it was frequented by the expats.

Cafe Epicurious - Ah Girl

Thank You Café Epicurious for the invitation to sample their brunch items!

Cafe Epicurious
392 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore, 678046
6894 5926


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