Melaka : A Tiffin Lunch at the Majestic

The Majestic - The Library

22nd December 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Melaka, Malaysia.
Feeling peckish, I headed down to the Library where I had one of my best meals in Melaka (complete with the friendly service of Hisham, a waiter cum bellhop). It was a sumptuous tiffin-style Peranakan lunch (55.00++ RM).

The Majestic - Otak-Otak Kerabu Nenas

The Otak-Otak Kerabu Nenas, marinated fish with tumeric, fresh lemongrass, lime leaves, chili and grated coconut served with pineapple salad was a tangy combination of succulent, spicy otak-style fish with sweet and sour pineapples. I enjoyed this appetizer thoroughly.

The Majestic - Tiffin Carrier
The Majestic - Lunch

Next, the main courses were served in a tiffin carrier. The Ayam Cencaluk, pan-fried free range chicken morsels with lemongrass, chili, tumeric, preserved shrimp and tamarind sauce features tender chicken meat served in an addictive and appetizing sauce with a hint of sourness.

The Majestic - Ayam Cencaluk

The Ikan Assam Pedas, fish with spicy and sour sauce was distinctly spicy yet I could not resist the robust and tasty fish that went very well with the rice.

The Majestic - Ikan Assam Pedas

Ban Guan Char, stired fried sweets turnip and carrots with chicken was well executed, the vegetables was soft yet retains a slightly crunchy texture. It was relatively sweet and very good.

The Majestic - Ban Guan Char

All these main courses were served with Nasi Putih, steamed white rice.

The Majestic - Nasi Putih

Last but not least, we rounded up lunch with a Nyonya Jelly with Ice Cream. A simple combination of colourful, mildly sweet, fruity jelly cubes with vanilla ice cream drizzled with a berry-flavoured syrup and topped with peppermint leaves.

The Majestic - Nyonya Jelly with Ice Cream

The Mansion, the in-house restaurant of the Majestic is located upstairs but it is not open for the guests during lunch. Nonetheless, you could still enjoy its gourmet offerings at the Library, the Lounge or its verandah outside. The menu changes from time to time too. If you love reading books, there is a variety of books available at the Library too including a couple of architecture books.

The Majestic - The Library

The Majestic
188 Jalan Bunga Raya
75100 Melaka, Malaysia


  1. Majestic indeed! That tiffin is so charming ;D

  2. haha yea, I would like to have one too then i can bring packed lunch (and snacks) to studio heh.



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