Melaka : The Majestic, Nothing Less.

The Majestic - Exterior (Night)

22nd - 23rd December 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Melaka, Malaysia
Situated across the Melaka River from Kampong Morten, the quaint looking Majestic Hotel is one awesome hotel. As one approaches the Majestic, you will find yourself entering the serene courtyard complete with beautifully manicured flora.

The Majestic - Interior

The main reception area is a mansion dating back to the 1920s once owned by a Chinese merchant before it was acquired by the YTL group of hotels.

The Majestic - Winter Solstice

Once I found myself comfortably seated in the grand reception hall of the Majestic hotel, I was warmly welcomed by the front desk manager and receptionists. To my surprise, they even served a bowl of ginger scented sweet soup with colourful glutinous rice balls as it was the Winter Solstice.

The Majestic - Kampung Morten

As I was early, I am only able to get my room a couple of hours later which I utilized to explore the neighbouring Kampong Morten.

The Majestic - Stationery

When I returned, checking in was seamless. Once my room was ready I was led to my room by Dashni, a courteous receptionist who was pretty informative about the hotel and its services.

The Majestic – Bedroom
The Majestic - Bed

The room was tastefully decorated with a touch of luxury. Looking outside, one is treated to a amusing juxtaposition of the urban and vernacular architecture as modern shopping malls and row-houses forms the backdrop for the pastoral looking kampung style houses of Kampong Morten.

The Majestic – View

The gorgeous bathroom comes with complimentary bathing salt too.

The Majestic - Bathroom

The complimentary bathing salt.

The Majestic - Bath Salt

I found myself enamoured by the old-world charm of the Majestic. During afternoon tea timings, nostalgic snacks such as these colourful biscuits were being served at the reception hall. One of my most memorable moments at the Majestic Hotel was when I was when one of the bellhops came out of the hotel to offer me a bottle of mineral water.

The Majestic - Nostalgia

Furthermore, this is only one of the several positive encounters with the service at the Majestic. The front desk manager offered to extend my check out time to 3-4 pm when I informed him that my bus departs at 4 pm.

The Majestic - Bar

The food and beverage manager as well as the staff at the restaurant were amicable and friendly throughout my stay. From my past experiences, I normally such service quality were seemingly only reserved by the Caucasians (hint: Robertson Quay, Singapore).

The Majestic  - Bedroom (Evening)

As night falls, I am treated once again to another surprise. Two friendly Malay room servants rang my door bell in the evening, announcing “Turn-down service!”. The two room servants then proceeded to put flowers, chilled mineral water and even a plate of nonya kueh for me once they were given the green light.

The Majestic - Night Snacks

After spending a few hours to do a bit of work, I lost my battle to the Z-monster and couldn't resist nestling into the comfortable bed to catch some sleep.

The Majestic - The Gym

In short, I look forward to staying at the Majestic once again if I have the means and chance. Skip the Equatorial or Holiday Inn and pamper yourself at the Majestic. They also offer a range of spa and massage services. I will post about the wonderful lunch and breakfast I had at the hotel shortly.

The Majestic

188 Jalan Bunga Raya
75100 Melaka, Malaysia


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