1-Caramel Chocolate-making Workshop: Almond Crunch

12th February 2012. Written by Vinleon. Photos by Xinli.

We end off this 3-part series with the easiest of the lot - Almond Crunch.

You'll need:
200g    Valrhona quatoriale dark chocolate 55%
350g    Bakend almond strips

How to transform ingredients into yummyAlmond Crunch:
1. Heat the Valrhona quatoriale 55% dark chocolate buttons over a hot water bath.

2. Pour melted chocolates over baked almond strips, mix and put into moulds. Refrigerate.

3. Take out. Eat. Leave some for valentine.

Nothing can go wrong with this recipe, but if you do, please leave a comment below.

And with this, we end our 3-part feature. Happy Valentine's everyone! 


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