Venice : Ca' Dogaressa

Ca’ Dogaressa - 3 Stars!

18th – 19th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Venice, Italy
Seating next to the peaceful Canale de Cannaregio, the Ca’Dogaressa is a 3-star hotel housed in a traditional Venetian rowhouse. Its location is perfect as it is only a short walk away from Venezia Santa Lucia Station and it is near a main road leading to the Rialto where you could easily walk to San Marco from there.

Ca’ Dogaressa - Classic Double Room

The rooms are lavishly decorated, even for a Classic Room (125 EUR), the lowest grade of the lot, it looked grand and the bed was very comfortable. If you got spare bucks to spare, I read that the Junior Suite has a beautiful view of the Cannaregio Canal.

Ca’ Dogaressa - Dressing Table

There are two toilet bowls in the bathroom, we think one is for child. The bathroom is quite spacious too.

Ca’ Dogaressa - Bathroom

Bath gel and shampoo provided.

Ca’ Dogaressa - Bathroom Amenities

The lights and chandeliers of the room are made of glass from Murano, an offshore island of Venice famed with its glassworks and you don’t have to compromise modern comfort while staying in this Venetian canal house as air-conditioning and heating are all provided. Internet Access is free too!

Ca’ Dogaressa - Murano Chandelier

Breakfast is included in the room rate, and you could either have it in their cosy breakfast room or if the weather is fine, next to the canal which is our recommended choice. Breakfast included a basket of biscuits along with a variety of jams and spreads including nutella for your bread.

Ca’ Dogaressa - Breakfast

The croissants are rather big but crispy and fluffy inside. Their croissants are a little different as there were bits of orange jam like thing embedded in them. Hence it has these mildly sweet and sour citrus intervals that make it tasty by itself.

Ca’ Dogaressa - Breakfast

The bread rolls are nicely baked like the croissants too. Have it with butter and jam for maximum satisfaction!

Ca’ Dogaressa - Breakfast by the Canal

Breakfast also includes a cup of coffee or tea. I had a Cappuccino, one of the best coffees I had thus far. Or maybe I was still distraught by the “sewage water” I had on the City Night Line.

Ca’ Dogaressa - Wallpaper

Overall, if you are travelling to Venice by rail or by plane, Ca’Dogaressa is a convenient choice of accommodation. The airport taxi (and the vaporette) is just along the same canal and it is only a short walk from Santa Lucia Station, making it a good base for exploring Venice if you want a spacious, comfortable room, delicious breakfast by the canal with free internet and a good location. The hotel was ranked 5th in Venice on TripAdvisor as of 21st of December 2011.

Ca’ Dogaressa
Fondamenta di Cannaregio, 1018
30121 Venice - Italy

Ph. +39.041.2759441
Fax +39.041.2757771


  1. the "second toilet bowl" is actually called a bidet, i think.

    its for washing your ass after you shit or washing your gential area after you've done... your business.

  2. what.... what a waste of space o.O

  3. Xinli, I can't help but keep laughing at your reply. This is probably the way how the angmohs live their lives, slowly, and one step at a time.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all :)

  4. to Amasou Umasou: haha! It reminded me of a graphic I saw about British faucets versus the rest of the world :



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