The Tastings Room (for improvement)

24th December 2011. Written by Vinleon.

If memory serves me well, The Tastings Room took over the space that once housed Subway in Marina Square.

My friend and I reserved a table via Delished (there’s still one more weekend left!), which comes with soup, a brunch item and coffee/tea for $15+. After seeing the gorgeous photo of their Eggs Benedict, I was so looking forward to it.

Both of us had Latte, just regular Latte (after all, it’s Nespresso coffee).

We started off with Truffle Mushroom Puree Soup and Seafood Smoked Vine Tomato Soup. Now, due to the consistency of the “soup”, I shall coin them as “puree” for greater clarity. 

The tomato puree was rather (and unpleasantly) sharp. Apart from tasting tomato, there was a dominant herb (I think it’s sage) that wrestles in your palate to stand out. In essence, this puree wasn’t well balanced, though the generous portions of huge chunks of fresh seafood did help to alleviate some of the sharpness.

The mushroom puree was rather musky and earthy. There wasn’t much depth in flavor, apart from the obvious taste of mushrooms. I liked that the puree wasn’t perfectly smooth; the chef left some coarse bits of mushrooms, and then threw in more mushroom chunks.
Now here comes the highlight: the Eggs Benedict (and Eggs Royale)!

First look: the brioche is CHAO DA (burnt)! But as chao da as it seems, it wasn’t as bitter, though it did fool (not the intended word choice, but I replaced it for the sake of self-censorship) around with the flavors. The egg whites seem a little too solid to the extent we worried if the yolk is over-done. But overall, a very VERY appetizing (and titillating) presentation.

Chao da brioche

Our worries (partly) dissipated when we sunk our knives into the egg yolks - they were runny! BUT upon closer inspection, it’s slightly over-done. Part of the egg yolk already solidified. So some points off the eggs.

The brioche was very crispy! And when it soaked up the egg yolks, it didn’t turn too mushy before you can finish one portion. I personally felt the sauce wasn’t enough, though it was rather refreshing to have a splash of wine in the Hollandaise sauce

The Tastings Room is definitely the go-to for pretty, delicious and accessible Eggs Benedict, but of course, this Room has got plenty of room for improvement. And I hope they would consider hiring a barista or 2 to complete the entire brunch experience.

The Tastings Room
6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square 
Singapore 039594
6338 1829


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