Kluang Rail Coffee | Kopi & Toasts at the Station

23rd November 2013.
Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
One of life’s simple pleasures for me was to chill out at a café watching planes or trains. Upon arrival at Kluang Railway Station, I had the opportunity to enjoy such a treat. Together with my friend and I we had traditional coffee and toast at the Kluang Rail Coffee, an old world café located within the station itself.

The coffee here was awesome (although a bit on the sweet side), it was very fragrant and robust in flavour with a tint of smokiness. Together with their perfect traditional Kaya Toast (or buns) this is definitely something that I would gladly go back to Kluang for in the future. A Kopi Susu/ C or O here cost 1.30 - 1.50 RM.

Or if you are feeling hungry, there are packets of food and snacks laid on the table for you to pick. I quite enjoy their Nasi Lemak (0.70 RM) with its sweet and spicy chili paste.

There is also Pulut Panggang (0.50 RM) with spicy prawn fillings.

But the best part of having coffee at the Kluang Railway Station however, is the rare opportunity to take in the surrounding sights and sound slowly over a soothing cup of warm coffee and delicious kaya toast on a rainy day. It’s a world apart compared to the crazy rat racing environment in Singapore.

Many thanks to Fiona from Tourism Malaysia for the invitation.

Kluang Railway Station
There are other outlets as well.


  1. Wow!! this is really very great feeling of cup of warm coffee and delicious kaya toast on a rainy day. I love this. It seems tasty and delicious with healthy elements. Coffee is the great way of time pass. I love coffee very much.

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  2. Very classic look..Very nice..I wanna try to go there..

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