The City Night Line : The Night Train to Venice

CNL 363 - Munich Hbf

17th – 18th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
City Night Line 363
Munich Hauptbahnhof to Venezia Santa Lucia

To get to Venice from Munich, we booked an economy double cabin on the CityNightLine, a sleeper train by DB. The train was very packed on that day and those without reservations had to make do with the limited seats (as it was the peak season period).

CNL 363 - Economic Double Cabin

Fortunately, we had our comfortable Economy Double with access to a shared shower cubicle and even include breakfast.

CNL 363 - Economic Double Cabin

The train rides through Koblenz into the Austria, stopping briefly at Innsbruck before continuing its way to Brenner Pass where it would enter Italy from Austria.

CNL 363 - Economic Double Cabin Corridor

In Italy, our train would split into two, one heading for Rome and another for Venice.

CNL 363 - Innsbruck Hbf

At night, there is not much to see but even in under the dim lights, you could spot the outline of the majestic mountains of the Italian and Austrian Alps.

A grumpy looking train conductor takes care of any food orders and the administrative matters.

CNL 363 - Bologna Station

Hours into the ride, I was too tired and fell asleep.

CNL 363 - Breakfast

Breakfast was a simple affair of bread, croissant, biscuits, juice and a cup of coffee.

CNL 363 - Breakfast

Besides the coffee, everything was fine, enough to start another day’s journey. The coffee on the train proved to be the worst in my life, so acidic, pungent and revolting. Italian coffees are like heaven compared to this.

CNL 363 - Bolzano Station
CNL 363 - San Bonifacio
CNL 363 - A Passing Train
CNL 363 - Morning on the Trenitalia, Venezia

Fortunately, the fantastic views of Venice were more than enough to rejuvenate my senses.

CNL 363 - Venetian Lagoon, Venezia
Venetian Lagoon, Venezia

The sun rise at Venetian Lagoon with the historic city as backdrop was breath-taking.

CNL 363 - Venezia Santa Lucia
CNL 363 - Morning Arrival

City Night Line


  1. Thanks Xin Li for the post and pics! We are also planning to travel on the city night line from innsbruck to venice night train this may. Unfortunately, we've been trying the website (CNL) but it says the 'fares are not available online'. We're booking from Australia. Would you be able to help us how you went about booking your tickets?


  2. hey i booked my tickets through the official DBahn website. I think the reason why you couldn't book on CNL is because Innsbruck is in Austria and the destination is in Italy, making this route beyond Germany.

    Initially,I wasn't able to book from Innsbruck to Venice, so I book the route from Munich to Venice instead and took the opportunity to visit Munich. The CNL 363 does stop at Innsbruck though.

    However, I think it is possible to book through OBB(Austrian Railways) website or via their email. They gave me a quote before, but it was more expensive than Munich to Venice (Venezia Santa Lucia).

    Official DB Website:

    Official OBB Website:



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