Boulangerie PAINDUCE

Boulangerie Painduce

14th December 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Osaka, Japan
This Osakan bakery offers a myraid of visually tempting pastries and bread (around 100-500 Yen each). Elegantly furnished like a European bakery complete with real tiny bread decorations, the bread and pastries here made our day before we head for Kansai International Airport.

Boulangerie Painduce

The Apple Tart featured tiny slices of nicely caramelized apples on a crispy and mildly sweet puff pastry. This delicate pastry was a godsend.

Boulangerie Painduce - Apple Tart

The Painduce Pudding is just as delicious, the nectarous pudding has a custard like texture embedded with raisins and other fruits as well as doughnut-like bread with a hint of cinnamon. The pudding was very yummy.

Boulangerie Painduce - Painduce Pudding

Boulangerie Painduce also has a small dining corner that serves a variety of teas and a couple of soups to go with the bread and pastries from the bakery. There is also another branch of Painduce known as Boulangerie Dinning add: Painduce which as the name suggests, offers more cooked food.

Boulangerie Painduce

Boulangerie Painduce


TEL/ 06-6205-7720

open am:800-close pm19:00

open am:800-close pm18:00



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