Wen Dao Shi 搵到食

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食

9th January 2011. Written by Xin Li.

Before I start this post, I am surprised by Jia Yao’s choice of hairstyle! Totally unexpected.

Jia Yao

Highly recommended by Yew Ann, the four of us, including Min Zhe and Jia Yao headed down to Geylang to seek out Wen Dao Shi for a dim sum meal. The dim sum restaurant is located at 126 Sims Lane in a modern shophouse. Do not expect a classy ambience. What you get is an environment similar to the typical cha chaan teng in Hong Kong.

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食

Wen Dao Shi is fairly well-known dim store that has more than thirty years of history. Hence, it is no surprise that it was a re-visit for all of us except Jia Yao. We started off with some drinks, which they served in containers. I had a ‘cup’ of Sugarcane Juice (2.00 SGD).

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食 - Dim Sum 点心

For the first round of dim sum, we tried the Fried Shrimp Roll 炸蝦卷 (5 pcs, 3.80 SGD) which is quite nice. I like how crispy it was with succulent prawns in it. The downside was that was very oily.

The Char Siew Pau 叉燒包 (3 pcs, 3.20 SGD) was decent, though I still prefer the one at Changi Village. Wen Dao Shi’s char siew pau has a chewy texture rather than fluffy. The filling was rather palatable.

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食 - Crab Meat Cheong Fun 蟹肉肠粉

Then there was the Crab Meat Cheong Fun (4 pcs, 4.00 SGD), I find the cheong fun too thick for my liking. Otherwise it was okay.

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食 - Har Gau  蝦餃

The Har Gau 蝦餃 (4 pcs, 3.20 SGD) was disappointing. The skin was too thick and starchy and the shrimp has an unpleasant brackish flavor.

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食 - Signature Tofu 招牌豆腐

For the second round of dim sum, we had a Signature Tofu 招牌豆腐with Mayonnaise Sauce (4 pcs, 5.00 SGD). While it was quite oily, I enjoyed the combination of warm, crispy tofu with the chilled sweet and fruity mayonnaise sauce. This was an appetizing dish. It is not available for takeaways.

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食 - Fried Seaweed Roll 炸紫菜捲

Fried Sea Weed Rolls 炸紫菜卷 (5 pcs, 3.50 SGD) was just crispy tofu skin wrapped around seaweed with shrimps and mati inside. It was another appetizing dish.

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食 - Fried Cheong Fun 炸腸粉

Fried Cheong Fen 炸腸粉 (6 pcs, 3.8-4+ SGD) provides another way to enjoy their cheong fen. The fried version is more interesting as it gives it a crispier texture and plays down on the thickness of the cheong fen. It was served in a pool of savory sauce.

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食 - Tofu Bag

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食 - Tofu Bag

‘Gold Bags’ (3 pcs, 6.00 SGD), I can’t remember the exact names of this dish but it is a delicate tofu bag with vegetables and meat filling inside including chestnut. It was quite good. The chestnut inside gives it a crunchy texture that contrasts with the soft bean curd ‘bag’.

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食

Overall, I felt that most of the items were rather oily and the portions were rather small. In short there were hits and misses. The prices are not exactly cheap considering the portions. We spent 41.00 SGD for 4 people.

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食 - Jia Yao and Yew Ann

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食 - Jia Yao and Yew Ann

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my meal at Wen Dao Shi. Besides the fact that I had a great company, the casual environment of Wen Dao Shi is a drawing factor to this place. The food might not be spectacular but they were decent and some were quite tasty. It is a nice place to have some dim sum and have a chat and it is open for 24 hours a day.

Wen Dao Shi 搵到食

126 Sims Avenue Singapore

Tel: +65 6746 4757

Opening Hours
24 hours


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