8th January 2011. Written by Xin Li
After having lunch at Dezato, BellaV and I headed down to Frigidarium for some gelato. The gelato store changes their flavors every now and then and I decided to have a cup of Hazelnut Gelato (3.90 SGD for a single flavor). They also offer affogato for about 3-4 SGD.

While I enjoyed the rich, smooth, creamy and milky texture of the gelato, hazelnut isn’t my favorite, I still prefer the Chocolate Gelato I had the previous visit. The hazelnut reminded me of nutella. The Salted Caramel Flavor which was too sweet, I could only detect the caramel.


Regardless, the lunch and dessert outing with BellaV was a lovely one. We were most amused by an incident that took place at Dezato. The fire alarm rang just after we got our food. Instead of running or being concerned about our safety, we busied ourselves with the photographing of the food!


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