One Sad Moose

How's it Going?

Jy here, do hope you'd pardon the huge absence but Xinli requested I do a little post bout the Aussie lifestyle.
So here I am.

Doing exactly what he didn't ask for.
A post with nothing Aussie in it.

Here's a little starter,

What's the plural of "Moose"?
A) Moose
B) Meese
C) Mooses
D) Cheese
E) Mice

Whilst you're pondering over this, do continue reading the rest of this short post.

Met the other 3 Members of The Moose for a biking session.
Sent them a text message prior to the meet up that I'd be late.
Jy: Dearest Meese..I shall be late. Bloody stomach ache's killing me. Cya in a bit later.

Almost instantly came their very different replies which left me in stitches.

Vin: Don't waste time lah, just shit on the way here. You're a moose anyway, don't care how the humans look at you.
YA: Fuck you moose. Better don't take your own sweet time.
XL: ouch

3 Very different replies from my loving ex-bunkmates.

Cheers and Happy Holidays everyone.

Catch you around.
(Once I get down to uploading the pictures from Australia)


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