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26th December 2010. Written by Xin Li.
It has been a while since the Four Moose (or Meese) met up for a private get together. It all started when Yew Ann (or Santa Chua during the festive season) commented that he missed the Tekong days. Hence, we had a small biking gathering with the theme of Going (Army/Tekong) Green. Needless to say, it is not an easy theme to follow since we have all ORDed.

I was very early, so I explored the area a bit before going to East Coast Park.

St. Patrick's

Auntie's Path



Poor Jia Yao had a tummy ache so we started a bit later. I was worried that we might miss the good weather. The forecast was very discouraging.

Jia Yao

I was glad to be able to see each other again, Jia Yao as not changed much he was still as laid back as the past. Vinleon and Yew Ann were still like the comedy duo I know during my National Service.

Comedy Duo

For outsiders, our conversations might sound queer and nasty. Jia Yao would poke fun of Vinleon and Vinleon would poke fun of me, Yew Ann would poke fun of Vinleon etc. However, deep down, we did purely it out of jest and it was extremely entertaining.


We started our journey near at a PCN Lifestyle Recreation Group Bicycle Renting Center located near Burger King because it allows us to return the bikes at any stations along the Park Connector Network. Our goal was Bistro@Changi were we will be able to see that Pulau Tekong on the other side. The rate was 6 dollars for 2 hours. I believe there are shops offering more competitive prices.


From the bicycle station, we headed towards NSRCC then cycled along Changi Coastal Road before turning into Changi Beach Park. For us rusty ex-NSFs, the bicycle trip was quite tiring but rewarding (physically and visually). For an amateur like me, it was impossible to capture photos on the move.

Vinleon with a Guest from Japan

I like the experience of riding under those tall coastal trees along Changi Beach with lighting shimmering upon us, riding next to the blue waters of a canal near Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and watch planes take off from Changi Airport along Changi Coastal Road.

Mochi from Kyoto

I brought Hikonyan for a stroll with the two other mascots, Snowman and Moose.


We had lunch at our usual hangout place during our time in Tekong, Bistro@Changi. I had the 10.90+ SGD set lunch which consisted of a main course, soup of the day and dessert. The main course came with 2 sides, salad and one of these three choices: French Fries, Wedges or Mashed Potato. Remembering the yummy Hickory Chicken Chop I had during my army days, I picked the Grilled Hickory Chicken Chop without hesitation.

Moose, Snowman and Hikonyan

Yew Ann and Vinleon had the Grilled Sirloin Steak (Medium Rare) Set which cost 12.90+ SGD and Jia Yao had the Dory Filet with Caper Sauce Set which cost 10.90+ SGD. There is also a 9.90+ Set available but they do not come with sides.

Bistro@Changi - Cream of Corn Soup

The Soup of the Day was a Cream of Corn Soup. Although I could taste the light and pleasing corn flavor, I thought it would be better with more seasoning. It was on the bland side. The garlic bread was exceptionally good as usual. The texture of the soup was just right, not too thick or watery and there were plenty of real corn kernels.

Bistro@Changi - Grilled Hickory Chicken Chop

The Hickory Chicken Chop still has the pleasant smoky aroma of hickory (a kind of wood) and was as tender as I remembered it. However, the sauce was lighter this time round, and the chicken was blander than I remembered it to be. I felt quite disappointed.

Bistro@Changi - Grilled Sirloin Steak

The Grilled Sirloin Steak was not of the best cut as there is not much variation in the fats however the meat was quite tender. Hence, I find it a minor issue given the price. The sauce was decent with a sweet peppery flavor. The doneness however, wasn’t consistent. Vinleon’s Medium Rare Sirloin was more to rare while Yew Ann’s was served at the correct level of doneness requested.

Bistro@Changi - Dory Filet with Caper Sauce

The Dory Filet with Caper Sauce was sourer than when I had it months ago. However, the texture of filet was decent. It was not too soft, firm and tender at the same time and flakes off nicely with bits of charred skin.

Bistro@Changi - Ice Cream

We ended our meal with a scoop of Ice Cream. I realized water was not being served and the Coke and Sprite we had were diluted. My Sprite tasted like Sparkling Water.

The ambience was great as before, I loved the ocean breeze and watching planes fly past above us. Therefore, it pains me that the standards of the food of this beloved bistro that was a hangout place for us deprived NSFs for the past 1 year plus and where I had one my best Western fare such as the Hickory Chicken Chop has dropped. I hope they would remedy it as soon as possible.


After lunch at Bistro@Changi, we rented bicycles from PCN again, this time they charged 7 dollar for 2 hours. I don’t understand why the price difference but we decided not to let it bother us since is only a dollar. From there, we cycled along a rough path at along the Changi Coastal Road, managing to return the bikes before it drizzled.

Tree Climbing

I spotted a group of people climbing a tree at East Coast Park, quite a unusual sight to me, I thought nobody would do this after the disappearance of kampungs in Singapore.


Operating Hours
Sunday – Thursday : 11am – 11pm
Friday & Eve of PH : 11am – 1am
Sat, Sunday & PH : 9am – 1am (Breakfast Served)

Bus Services : - 89, 19, 9
Changi Beach Park. Carpark 1
260 Nicole Drive.
Enquiry : (+65) 6546 5229


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