Photography : Jeremy Chan

One Light

26th October 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Photographs by Jeremy Chan.

I was wanted to introduce his works, not because he is a friend etc. But rather, I enjoyed his works, I thought his 365 Days self-portrait series is quite interesting as they reminded me of Cindy Sherman in some way. Most importantly it shows all kinds of approaches and attempts to do a personal entry in his photo journal and I doubt it is easy to maintain a project that requires so much rigor and discipline.

He was our guest during our second Moose Gathering at Black Sheep Café: Jeremy Chan, a passionate freelance photographer.

I Wanted It 5 Mins Ago

Down The Rabbit Hole

State Of Mind


And there was Light..


A Matter of Time

Here’s how he would work: trial and error, experimenting, research, lots of enthusiasm and loads of passion and work done to get that photograph right. If you are interested in his works, do check out his photostream on Flickr here.

You can engage him for weddings shots or just approach him if you are into photography. Hwoever currently he is quite busy for the same reason why most of us at theMoose are too : school.


  1. your friend sure is talented at photography!

  2. xinli to stargirl: yep he sure is ;)



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