Changi : Sparking off Some Memories

Changi - Hendon Road

Taken on 7th July 2010. 26th October 2010. Written by Xin Li.
I chanced upon this post about the Old Commando Barracks by Singapore Urban Explorers today. It occured to me that I had some photos of the Hendon area at Changi. Ever since ORD, I rarely stop by that place. This ulu part of Singapore has its old world charm with its , quiet environment, seaside scenery and abandoned buildings (most notably the Old Commando Barracks and the Old Changi Hospital).

Changi - Hendon

Despite their decrepit state, they still retain that old colonial charm that shines through the untouched colonial architecture.

Changi - Changi Hospital

Elegant even after years of wear and tear, perhaps it is that tattered look that gives Changi its unique atmosphere (and thrills at night) compared to those shophouses at Chinatown that makes you wonder whether they are replicas. Hopefully the plans to turn the area into a new tourist hot spot with hotels and resorts won’t turn them into another Rochester or Gillman or Fort Canning.

Changi - Abandoned Swimming Club

That place is a real pleasant place that can offers the kind of serenity that the usual chalet areas are unable to provide. How I miss that place and the island across.

Changi - Fairypoint Chalet

Army days can be chore but the experience of staying at that exclusive island was awesome, away from the bustle of the city, away from the traffic, away from the crowds…pleasant memories to keep (apart from a kayu we met there). The birth of this blog can be traced to Pulau Tekong, it was where the 4 of us met since BMT and after BMT.

Changi - Fairypoint Chalet

Taken on the 7th of July 2010. This was taken at the entrance of the Fairy Point chalet, a tree just fell down, the security guard had a great shock, he was only a few inches away from the fallen tree when it fell. One of the memorable moments during the chalet for two of my friends. One of them, Andre Wee, has left for studies in the States for about a month now. Talented artist, definitely a notch higher than me. I will introduce his works when I have the chance ;).


  1. Hi Xin Li, thank you for the link and mention. We love your blog, very informative and many nice pictures to boot, too.


  2. *note to self*
    never visit this blog at night.
    CONFIRM end up going to bed hungry.

  3. to SGUrbEx: thanks! continue posting about places in Singapore, do check out this place called Istana Woodneuk if it is still around ;)



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