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Lenas - Menus

22nd August 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Lenas is under the Ministry of Food. According to their official statement, it is an Italian-American outlet.

The menu is inexhaustible but as you take a closer look, you will realize they are actually just slight variations for example tiramisu with blueberry, or waffle bits, or bananas which is a difference in toppings only.

Lenas - Interior

The service was okay and they took the initiative to offer ice water and explain the specials of the day. We were attended by a waiter named Jazz.

Lenas - Banana Fritters with Chocolate Ice Cream

The Banana Fritters with Chocolate Ice Cream (7.50 SGD) was quite normal. Nothing can go wrong with ice cream with caramelized banana. In this case the banana has a crispy (spring roll) like filo pastry to add some crunch to the dish.

Lenas - Chocolate Banana Pancakes

The Chocolate Banana Pancakes (7.50 SGD) were just okay, the ice cream is reminiscient of Macdonald’s Chocolate Sundae and the pancakes were slightly chewy and not fluffy as I would like them to be, it was topped with a combination of bittersweet chocolate sauce and sweet maple syrup (but I suspect it to be maple-flavored rather than the actual thing).

Lenas - Chocolate Banana Pancakes

The serving of Iced Mint Tea for the Dessert Set was huge, it tasted like the one I had at Tiffin’s Club. For a person who loves mint, this tea goes down rather well with me, some might find the mint flavor to be quite strong but I personally found it to be rather balanced.

Lenas - Banana Fritters with Chocolate Ice Cream

Overall, I considered the food to be rather ordinary and I didn't like the environment at LENAS, it was simply too noisy and loud.

Total cost was 14.12 SGD after GST and Service Charge.

Lenas - Special Dessert Set

The dessert set is a steal at 6.00++ but most would probably go for the Hi-Tea Buffet at 19.90++ which includes fondue, omelette and ice cream. There are daily promotions and I think SMU students get some perks from LENAS too.

Lenas - Banana Fritters with Chocolate Ice Cream


200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction

Opening Hours
Mon–Thu: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Fri–Sun: 10.30am – 11.30pm


  1. While your review showed otherwise, the pictures made the desserts look sooo good!

  2. to Harris: haha! thanks if only they tasted as good! =)



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