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Swedish Meatballs

17th September 2010. Written by Xin Li.
I finally have some time to breathe today and what’s more, its air without intoxicating plaster or acrylic dust. Even the exhaust fume OUTSIDE smelt like heaven. Call me an escapist or whatever you want. I can’t stand being in such an enclosed space that is worse than a bunk before area inspection.

Swedish Meatballs

So today, I spent the day with a meal with my dad at IKEA. The last time I had an IKEA meal was at Tampines a few years ago. It was then when I was introduced to the Salmon and the famed Swedish Meatballs. Both of which were pleasant memories.

This time round, the ten pieces of Swedish Meatballs (5.00 SGD) seemed a little tough, not the melt-in your mouth and tender ones I had in the past.

Baked Salmon with Crushed Pepper

The Baked Salmon with Crushed Pepper (6.00 SGD) is okay, the sauce is a little thick and starchy, but I like how simple it was with just pepper. The fish has a slight fishy after-taste though.

Shrimp and Mixed Fruits Salad

The Prawn and Mixed Fruits Salad (2.50 SGD) was surprisingly addictive, sweet, chilled honey dew and melon cubes with small succulent prawns and a sweet, creamy dressing makes it a decent cocktail dish.

Daim Cake

The Daim Cake (3.20 SGD) is quite nice too, it feels like eating a chocolate rather than a cake but I enjoyed it very much. Not too sweet with just right about of the slightly thick sponge to go with it.

The whole meal cost us about 16.70 SGD.

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