Macau's Cafe e Nata Margaret's (瑪嘉烈蛋撻店)

Cafe e Nata Margaret's 瑪嘉烈蛋撻店

28th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

The Café e Nata Margaret’s (瑪嘉烈蛋撻店) is very popular in Macau, the place as packed even when it was raining heavily and more and more people were still steaming in when we were done with our takeaways.

Cafe e Nata Margaret's 瑪嘉烈蛋撻店 - Portuguese Egg Tarts

Together with Lord Stow’s, Café e Nata Margaret’s were strongly recommended by the tourist office at the Macau Ferry Terminal. The Portuguese Egg Tarts at Cafe e Nata Margaret's cost 7 MOP each. I like that crust is very crispy and even after a ferry ride from Macau to HK. The custard was quite sweet and the egg flavour was alright, not too strong for me. Like many other food, it is best eaten when warm. Overall, I thought it was good but not marvellous or extraordinary.

Not much of a service here, don’t expect smiley faces or people to greet you etc. Very casual, unpretentious and down-to-business attitude is probably what you would receive here and this wraps up my short trip to Macau.


As I reflect on my trip to Macau, I would most probably return for two reasons, a fine weather trip to the heritage sites and maybe food. Besides that, Macau is one of the places that I am not so keen to visit.

Cafe e Nata Margaret's

G/F, 17A Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro



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