Lunch @ Black Sheep Cafe

Black Sheep Cafe - Fillet of Beef with Cream of Pepper Sauce

8th July 2010. Written by Xin Li.

I would like to take a little break from my Hong Kong and Macau posts. Last Thursday, I decided to drop by Black Sheep Café for lunch. Having visited Black Sheep Café for a few times, and tried the signature duck confit and lamb shank before, I was looking for something new from their lunch menu.

I was in luck! I had the honour of trying something different by Chef Ratha. It was something impromptu and he whipped up one of the best beef dishes I had thus far, a Beef Fillet with Cream of Pepper on a Bed of Potatoes (not on the menu).

Black Sheep Cafe - Fillet of Beef with Cream of Pepper Sauce

Firstly, the beef was extremely tender. It’s nicely charred crust and the medium rare-medium beef was flavourful too. Secondly, the sauce is very addictive. The cream of pepper was savoury with a fragrant hint of spice. Lastly, the sides were good too, the bed of potatoes was quite soft and well-seasoned and the accompanying salad with balsamic vinaigrette was tangy and delicious too.

As I was a regular customer of the Black Sheep Café, Chef Ratha decided to serve me a bigger portion. For this particular beef dish that I had, a higher grade of beef, the Australian premium beef tenderloin was used because Chef Ratha does not like to keep them overnight or for long.

He explained that he is in the process of revamping his lunch menu and he plans to serve dishes similar to the Beef Fillet with Cream of Pepper Sauce as well as some classics at affordable prices without compromising quality. So lookout for his new lunch menu!

Service was good as before and once again the food did not disappoint me. Thank you Chef Ratha for letting me try something different.

Black Sheep Café does not charge GST and Service Charge and this lunch cost me $16.50.


Black Sheep Cafe

35 Mayo Street

+65 9272 1842

Opening Hours
Mon–Sat: 11am–3pm, 6.30pm–11pm
(Closed on Sun)


  1. Hi Xinli! Looks good! You're very lucky to be one of the first to try one his new lunch menu! As usual, your pics are very good! Good depth and focus :)

  2. I went down to Mayo Street on twice but they were not open for some unknown reasons, it was lunch time and wasn't even Sunday. :(

    Maybe I just need better luck next time

  3. to HungryTrotters: Thanks! How's home cooking in Netherlands? heh

    to Amasou Umasou: that is sad, I only know there was a period when Chef Ratha was down with fever and Black Sheep Cafe was closed for a while.

  4. For the price and food, it seems real value for money.

    Ahh I'll definitely find (or try to) time to visit :)

  5. Omg, I can see the steak is done very well! I should really head down soon. But I want both the steak and duck confit! Any changes to the menu so far? Or is it still the same?

  6. to Glenn: black sheep cafe stuff is good for value when there is no GST and service charge =)

    to Bella: yep it was gorgeous Chef Ratha haven't said when he would change it maybe you could contact him beforehand? I think he would whip up something special if he can.

  7. Lucky bugger. But that chef's a genius. seriously.



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