Wanton Noodles @ Fuzhou Fishball Wanton Noodles

Maxwell Food Centre

19th May 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Finding Tiffin Club to be on the steeper side of the price scale, Jia Yao and me decided to head for the Good ol’ Maxwell Food Centre for lunch instead.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice was finally cleared of long queues but Jia Yao is not into Chicken Rice, so he opted for this Fuzhou Fishball Wanton Noodles instead. He had the classic Wanton Noodles for $3.50.

Maxwell Food Centre - Wanton Noodles

The noodles were quite springy but Jia Yao found it to be too springy. Overall however, both of us are quite satisfied with the noodles.

Maxwell Food Centre


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