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19th May 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Tiffin Club is located in a nice little corner shop house. That is enough to make me to visit it. I like old architecture. I was expecting a lot from Tiffin Club since reviews were good and I am very tempted to designate Tiffin Club as the end point of our potential food trip.

Tiffin Club - Dining Area

I have no complaints regarding the service, it was okay. The main dining area is on the second floor and the ambience was very relaxing and comfortable during the day with the natural lighting and subtle warm lighting from the ceiling. It is somewhere you could stay to chat and have tea while you enjoy comfort food or breakfast.

Tiffin Club - Ice Mint Tea

Water doesn't seemed to be complimentary, so I decided to have the Auntie Bebe's Iced Mint Tea ($4.80) hoping for something refreshing and cooling to cool me down from the hot and humid weather.
The tea didn't impress me, the mint flavour is quite obvious though I hope the lemon flavour could be a bit stronger to give it a refreshing kick. All in all, an okay drink.

Tiffin Club - Pulut Hitam Tart

Since I am still quite full from the California Roll from Standing Sushi Bar, I decided to have something lighter and ordered the signature dessert, Tart of Pulut Hitam with Coconut Mousse served with Warm Pineapple Couli ($8.90). It was an interesting dessert to me. A chunk of sweet pulut hitam (black sticky rice)on top of a tart pastry, topped with a rather mild coconut mousse. It was a bit difficult to eat with the dessert fork as the tart was quite hard, and it is difficult to get a bit of the warm pineapple couli and coconut mousse without making a mess out of it. Other than that, the dessert was alright.
They also offer executive lunch sets at $25++ with appetizer, main course, dessert and coffee or tea which is better for value.

The ala carte items are priced from $7 - $35++. Mineral water cost something like $1.00, Coke $3.00. One unique feature of Tiffin Club is their wine dispenser where you can choose to have tasting portion or a full glass.

For your information, the menu at their website was outdated. I came here to try their Spanish Omelette but it was gone sigh.

All in all, if you got some money to spend for a nice ambience (can be quite noisy if its crowded judging from the small space) and some comfort food head down to Tiffin Club. They offer 10% discount and another 10% because there would not be any service charge if you takeaway instead of dining in.

Total Bill: $15.90
Auntie Bebe Iced Mint Tea - $4.80
Tart of Pulut Hitam with Coconut Mousse served with Warm Pineapple Couli - $8.90
+ GST and Service Charge

Tiffin Club

16 Jiak Chuan Road

Tel: +65 6323 3189

Opening hours
8.30am – 11pm
(Closed on Sun)


  1. do you know where I can get good pulut hitam?

  2. to Stargirl: hi as in the dessert? Beats me. =/ The last time I tried Pulut Hitam before this one, it came in the form of a green packet.

  3. hey stargirl & xinli, if you both like pulut hitam, tom's palette flavor of the month is Black Swirl. It's pulut hitam inspired, creamy coconut ice cream with black glutinous rice swirled in. (:

  4. to ice: tom's palette? it is the one along Beach Road? =d I might try that when I am around the area

    Thanks for the recommendation (:



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