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When I arrive at this particular MRT station around 12 plus. I can feel some kind of pressure here. Throngs of people in work attire moving and rushing here and there, it seems everyone here has not a single minute to waste. This particular MRT station is none other than Raffles Place MRT during lunch hours.

I am here today for a recce for a food trip. Since I haven’t had lunch, I decided to drop by Standing Sushi Bar because it is quite unique. The place wasn’t as packed as I expected it to be. A friendly waitress was quick to help me a blur me who is wondering how do you get started here.

The service here reminded me of Kith Café, cheerful and friendly.

Standing Sushi Bar - Interior

Drinks are complimentary and you get started by standing at your desired corner and start ordering from the menu and convey it to the staff members who are around waiting for you to order. Then they would note it down on a paper with a list of items and the usual waiting takes over.

The menu is online so you can take a look at it from the website. They also offer sets which are quite good for value.

Standing Sushi Bar - California Roll

Within a few minutes my California Roll (6.00 SGD) came with 6 pieces. I must say it is much larger than the ones in Zento. The rice was slightly sticky and flavourful and yet not in clumps or fall apart easily. The overall taste was sweet with a tinge of lemony sourness. One of the more delicious sushi I have. I must also comment that the 6 pieces are more filling than it sounds. I was slightly full after eating them.

Standing Sushi Bar - Figurines

The total bill was $6.40 for one sushi roll with GST and on the receipt, no Service Charge!

Will I come back again? Definitely.

Standing Sushi Bar

1 Raffles Place
#B1-02B OUB Centre

Tel: +65 6533 7078

Opening hours
11.30am – 10pm
(Closed on Sun & PH)


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