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Once Upon a Milkshake - Interior

19th May 2010. Written by Xin Li with Jia Yao.

I was quite hyped up about OUAM. In fact, I even mark it as one of the must visit venues for the food trip we going to have in June. OUAM stood out from the serious, formal venue of Maxwell Chambers yet at the same time, it brought a spirit of youth to the place with its purple and white Muji-style design and an array of colourful characters who represent the various milkshake flavours they offer. Unsurprisingly, when I arrived during lunch time, the patrons are dominantly youths or young adults.

For my recce buddy Jia Yao, felt that the interior was too feminine for him making him feel rather uneasy in the café. However, he was intrigued by some of the imagery used in the interiors such as butterflies flying out of the clock as if it was part of the clock. These motifs give a sense of lightness in this café which is a rather decent place to relax and have a cup of indulgent milkshake.

Once Upon a Milkshake - Spooky Mocha

Both of us had the Spooky Mocha – Aromatic Coffee Beans with Chocolate ($3.30 – Mini). The milkshake was thick because it was an “Ice Cream Milkshake”, so if you are for the fluid milky kinds, you can leave OUAM out. The ice cream was alright but both Jia Yao and I found the chocolate element a bit weak to live up to the definition of being a Mocha beverage.

On the other hand, the ice cream was quite nice with a smooth texture and the coffee ice cream was quite fragrant.

The service was alright and quite friendly.

Once Upon a Milkshake - Signboard

Tiny - $3.30, imagine a muffin, that’s the size for a tiny drink at OUAM. However, too much ice cream is not good, that tiny cup is enough for a sinful indulgence already. Still, on the price scale, both Jia Yao and I would consider it to be slightly expensive.

All in all, I can’t say the milkshakes are not good, because we only tried one flavour, perhaps Spooky Mocha wasn’t their champion but it wasn’t bad too. The place is still worth trying for their unique presentation of the milkshake. Furthermore, if you like somewhere quiet with a touch of purple and white, this might be just for you (save for the usual peak hours).

I think they are opening a second outlet at Orchard in Late May or Early June.

Once Upon a Milkshake

32 Maxwell Road
#01-08 Maxwell Chambers

Tel: +65 9823 3779

Opening hours
11am – 11pm


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