Seeing Singapore Through the Pinnacle

Keppel Harbour

About a month ago, Wei Liang and I got the chance to go to the top of the Pinnacle@Duxton. The first time we went, it was raining and we didn't get to go to the sky garden but the view was stunning nonetheless. The second time we went the weather was good and the view was breathe-taking.

Pearl's Hill

This is Pearl's Hill. As I looked around, I realized Singapore is actually very small, from Duxton, I could see Jurong, the Southern Ridges and the Southern Islands. That said, Singapore is really a tiny island.

Kheong Saik Road

This is Kheong Saik Road and Jiak Chuan Road. People who go Ember will know this place. Do you know before it was the Kheong Saik Road today, it was a Red Light District with brothels etc? Today it is the hub of many boutique hotels. 1929 looks nice indeed.

For people who knows a thing or two about the Singapore Art Scene. Our local performance artist, Tang Da Wu once did a performance art around here. For further details, I will leave it you to find out. It has something to do with an animal's organ that is believed to make males strong (sexually) by the Chinese.

Singapore's Other Blocks

This is Keppel Harbour, it is my favourite photo, I like all the colours and geometric shapes here. So many containers! Sentosa Cove and the Southern Islands are in the background.

High Rise

I find this relationship getting more interesting. Natural habitats overtaken by urban development. Trees no longer growing on hills but in a man-made jungle with gardens on skyscrappers, the Hanging Gardens.


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