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Multi Tasking.
An amazing skill should one master it.
And here I am, trying to achieve just that, between running from toilet every 10-20mins and trying to finish this blog post.
Ah, the woes of food poisoning.

Promised Xinli I'd get down to finishing this sooner or later.
Presenting! Food from around Japan.

The one thing anyone should try when traveling to any country, would be that of the local cuisine, and naturally, Japan would be well renowned for its seafood. With its FRESH sashimi and sushi and what not.

Sad for you, this isn't a seafood post. But rather, one which looks into the less known side.
The noodle world.


Dotonburi Street, Exit from Ueno Subway Station.

Don't worry if you get lost trying to find it. Cause chances are, you're already standing in it. The street stretches a LONG way, such that it's known by many other names by the locals, pointing you from one way to another whilst one tries to get directions through the use Internationally recognized signs of travelers. Pointing and Jabbering at fliers picked up at Tourist Information Kiosks

Please do Pardon me for I cannot for the life of me remember the exact locations of the stalls/restaurants which we patronized. Though if it helps, the store from which the Ramen taken below was just across the road from the Bright Red Crab you see above.

Miso Ramen, ¥800+
The moment the Waiter walked towards us, one could already catch a whiff of the soup base of the Ramen.
Now in Japan, There's a saying "Water is the Life of Ramen" Where any respectable store which prides itself for its ramen, would look for ways and means to obtain either spring or some source of natural water for its soup base.

Generous helpings of Fatty Cha Siu, thick flavourful soup base and nice tangy noodles made the magic possible for this bowl of ramen.
Just what a weary traveler needs after a long day in the cold.

Kyoto, 15mins from Shin Osaka Station.

The overgrown Shrine Gate, a landmark noticeable from miles away
Wandering around trying to search for a famous temple, the hungry travelers stumbled upon a Chinese restaurant!
Unable to resist, we stepped in, only to be greeted with a chorus of Irashaimase!
Clearly, they thought we were Japanese as they even presented the menu to us whilst muttering a whole bunch of stuff we failed to understand.

After clearing things up that we too were Zhong Guo Ren, things got much easier, allowing us to get down to business.

Set Meal ¥900
Sweetened egg
Sweet and Sour Fried Fish&Chicken
Miso Soup
Some Almond dessert

As the waiter warned us, (of which I failed to heed that warning) the meal was more catered to Japanese Taste.
I.e Leaning towards to sweet side, as with all things Japanese, sweet and cute.
Yet, Irresistible

Thus, I found the Sweetened Egg tooo sweet. Though it would be nice in smaller quantities, instead of having a whole bowl full of the stuff.

The Chicken&Fish reminded me pretty much of local hawker fare. Skilled hawker fare I might add, with the chicken tender and the fish flaky and soft inside.

Day 4:
Takayama, 2hours or so North of Shin Osaka
Small and quiet town, known for Spring Festival which rocks the town Where Locals carry HUGE elaborately decorated floats around town.

Found this shop close to sunset when we were stumbling around sniffing for trails of good food. Caught a whiff just outside this shop, and ventured in.

Met the eyes of a nice old granny who cooed at us "welcome" and prompted us to take a seat on one of the bar stools, grinning at us toothlessly the whole time.
Cosy, yet a little too cramped for comfort.
In fact, it looked much like a make shift restaurant from the Garage of a house.

Here, it seemed, was a restaurant which took pride in its Hida Beef.
Now you're wondering, Hida Beef? what in the world is that?
Those exact words crossed our minds, but it seemed that like Kobe and Wagyu Beef, Takayama was known for its Hida Beef.

Hida Beef Sukiyaki Set. ¥2100++
Im sure we've all eaten cheese cake at least once in our lives.
Remember that feeling of that slice of cheese melting in your mouth?
Yea, now apply that to Beef, and there you have the texture of Hida Beef

Day 5: Takayama Still
Having been hooked on the marvelous Hida Beef, we set off scouring our many fliers (which we kope-d from Tourist Information Kiosks) for Recommendations for Hida Beef in the area.

Having made a mark on a particular, the next step was then to slowly search for it.
Time taken to search for this restaurant = 2hrs
Though it was simply a stone's throw away from our hotel. But with that many alley ways and turnings at every corner, it takes a while to find what you're looking for.

undoubtly THE BEST meal we had.
Sukiyaki Hida Beef Set. AGAIN. (its a different restaurant by the way)
Glass of finest Sake the restaurant had to offer.
Sake :
light, without the burning sensation of regular sake bought off the counter.
slides like a dream right down the throat. Yet, feels viscous enough to let it roll around on your tongue allowing the flavour of it to be appreciated
Hida Beef Ramen ¥700
Springy noodles coupled with melt-in-your-mouth beef makes one happy to be alive.

Streets of Takayama

Shop offering Sake tasting.
Unable to resist temptation, we went in.

Awaiting Sunset atop a shrine in Fukouka



the moose & snowman

the soft toy. the soft toy.

makan corner

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