Labour Day Tze-Char at 339 Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop 339 - Sweet and Sour Fish 1

1st of May 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Fortunate little girl my niece was. Fullerton Brunch wasn’t enough, she also get to celebrate her birthday with a tze-char dinner at 339 Coffee Shop!

339 Coffee Shop - Plate of Rice

We started with a staple plate of rice which was nicely cooked.

339 Coffee Shop - Fried Fish

It was followed by Fried Fish ($12). I don’t like this dish, because there wasn’t much meat and I remembered Wei Liang said that frying fish is usually a way to mask the freshness of the fish. While I didn’t enjoy the fish, I enjoyed the savoury gravy that came along with it.

339 Coffee Shop - Sambal Potato Leaves

My mum’s favourite dish was the Potato Leaves with Sambal Sauce ($6). I am a fan of non-spicy vegetables. This dish was okay but the sambal is quite spicy, not to my liking when consuming vegetables.

339 Coffee Shop - Pork Chops

The Pork Chops ($10) were okay, not too tough and the together with the, it sauce was quite yummy.

Coffee Shop 339 - Stir-Fried French Beans

The Stir-Fried French Beans ($8) was tasteless. It was the weakest dish on the table for the day. It was very oily and it likes the oomph. It wasn’t fried long enough.

Coffee Shop 339 - Omelette

A simple Omelette ($8) with minced pork and spring onions, it was quite tasty, slightly salty.

Coffee Shop 339 - Sweet and Sour Fish 2

My favourite dish, I always love to have Sweet and Sour Fish ($8) since my childhood days. This one by 339 Coffeeshop was quite decent. The fish wasn’t too tough and the sauce was good with chunks of pineapples and sliced onions to go with it.

Coffee Shop 339 - Thai Cripsy Chicken

The Thai Crispy Chicken ($10) was delicious. The chicken was decently cooked with a crispy skin and the meat was alright though not as tender as I would like it. A sweet and not overly spicy combination.

Coffee Shop 339 - Fried Calamari

An ideal comfort food or snack when well-executed, but the Fried Calamari with Mayonnaise ($12) wasn’t too my liking thoughfor today. The squid was just too hard to chew, perhaps overcooked. Fried items paired with mayonnaise, something simple and savoury.

Coffee Shop 339 - Cereal Prawns

The Cereal Prawns ($20) were good. Juicy, buttered prawns in a sea of crispy cereals (not too oily and not soggy at all) and the prawns were quite big too.

339 Coffee Shop - Fruit Cocktail

And dinner ended with a bowl of canned, chilled Fruit Cocktail.

Do Not Touch My Cake!

Here is my niece in the background. She doesn’t want to leave her cake alone. The cake was custom-made in one of the Tau Sar Piah shop along Balestier Road, generous amounts of cherries and strawberries were added because they were my niece’s favourites.

339 Coffee Shop

The tze-char stall is located just behind this 339 signboard. Service was alright, the attitude was friendly probably because we were regular customers here. I remembered eating here when I was a recruit, some family dinners and birthdays were spent here too. It was one of the better tze-char that we had so far. It was affordable and decent, not to mention just nearby our house (in driving distance).

*Updated the prices (:

339 Coffeeshop
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Block 339


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