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I was around the rea the other day with my friends ,Jolene, Quan You and Thomas. We wanted to try Hachi Tei but it was closed. Since we are near K ki, I decided to pop by and get a Kinabaru and an Antoinette for my sister (who loves to bake) and my mum.

Botan was kind enough to help us keep the cakes in the fridge as we had our bento lunch mentioned earlier on. At night, we got some tea and hid in my room to savour those lovely cakes. You have to resort to this when you have a greedy yet adorable niece who is about 2-3 years old and cannot stop eating!

So these cakes were for her mum (a teacher's life is tough enough!) and our parents to enjoy =d

I got the Kinabaru after Bella Vanilla recommended mentioned that it stood out among the cakes she tried. My mum and dad don't enjoy the Kinabaru and prefer the sweeter Antoinette. My sister was alright with both.

The Kinabaru is more on the exotic side, sour and refreshing yet light at the same time. It has a unique flavour which I kind of like. It sets it apart from the usual cakes I have, in terms of texture and taste. Something I like about K ki cakes so far, each of them have some sort of character.

The Antoinette never fails and my sister, dad, mum and me still enjoy it. Like me, she felt that same thing about the cake when she first tried it. A surge of sweetness, followed by a curiosity to continue on....;) you can read that in my earlier post.

Okay, I must stop visiting K ki for a while. $8 per cake will kill me if I continue. But that is not stopping me from recommending this nice cake shop at Ann Siang Hill. Do stop by and try out the cakes.

Besides K ki, Bella Vanilla also recommended Tampopo Deli, it was closed when I went there (too early =/). *the simplest aphrodisiac can give you a nice account about their cream puffs.

Another shot of the Kinabaru, notice the different layers: Passionfruit, coconut and chocolate dacquoise all packed in one.


  1. haha. not many people can take that unique taste of kinabaru. On the other hand, I find Antoinette too sweet for my liking :P

  2. u can check out my post on tampopo deli too :)

  3. heh my mum likes sweet stuff. Both of my parents especially my mum are more conservative when it comes to taste. 'For me, i won't say which is better, both are quite different and I enjoy both in some way or another.

  4. hehe. yup. taste is subjective afterall. :)



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