Mango Pudding - Ah Meng Restaurant @ Mandai Zoo

I was at the zoo yesterday with my boss. When we went to Ah Meng Restaurant, it was closing already at 5 plus, so no chicken rice, briyani for us like what Camenberu described. I wanted to try their snacks initially.

Only Ben and Jerry's and a sandwich/ dessert bar was opened. I have a sudden craving for Mango Pudding so I decided to have one for $2.50.

I tasted very artificial and different. I can't really taste the mango and the after taste was really nasty. They need to do something about the mango pudding.

The ambience of the restaurant is quite nice though, photos of ah meng, cushion seats and wooden furniture. I like the ambience but I will think twice about having a mango pudding here in the future. Can't say much about the food because the stalls were closed.

You want mango pudding, go to Mayim ;), still the best I had so far.

80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore Zoo

Tel: +65 6360 8560

Opening hours
8.30am – 6.00pm


  1. The cartoon is so cute, nice portray of what you have described in the entry.

  2. heh thanks =D

    i like your blog, it has a nice coverage of so many cakes in Singapore. I enjoy reading your reviews of them (:

  3. to mr. pineapple man: thank you! =)



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