I happenend to be around two Hotels last months, and to satisfy my dessert cravings, I decided to try out some of their cakes and desserts. Tiramisu being my favourite. I decided to have them. The first one I had was from Hotel Rendevous Straits Cafe. It is a slice of cake being priced at $5.

This slice of cake toped with a raspberry and stick of white chocolate was quite nice. I like the chocolate balls on top of the tiramisu it gives the dessert a crunchy bite while you enjoy the smooth texture of the tiramisu base. It is not too moist but the taste of the liqour is abit strong. Nonetheless, I enjoy this cake.

The second one I got is from Sheraton Towers. This tiramisu is more like a dessert than a cake, looking at its presentation.

The liquer taste is quite obvious when you have a bite at it too. The dessert is a creamy, yummy combination of bitter cocoa powder, mascapone cheese, expresso and ladyfingers. It is considerably moist and softer than the the Tiramisu cake from Straits Cafe, probably because it is more of a dessert. While I was eating the dessert you can see a little pool of the expresso mixture at the bottom of the bowl. Personally, I think tiramisu has a heavier liqour and coffee taste compared to the Straits Cafe one.

Both of them are quite different, so there is no winner among them.

The only thing that sets them apart is the service attitude that we got from the staff who attend to our orders for the cake. In this area, Straits Cafe is the clear winner, with their warm, friendly attitude in contrast to the rather cool and lukewarm attitude presented by Sheraton Towers.


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