Bistro Again!?

I thought I won't be coming back after my ORD, but I can't describe how I missed the food and service there.

This time round I went back to Tekong because of work. It was lunchtime when we made our way home, so I suggested to my colleague that we go down to the bistro for a lunch.

Lunch is really good for value. 9.90,10.90,12.90 and all of them include Dessert, Soup of the Day, Coffee, Tea, Coke or Sprite and the main course.

I had the Pan-Seared Dory with Caper Sauce and my colleague had the Grilled Chicken Chop with Hickory Sauce. Both of which are sets at 10.90 SGD. The only additional charge is our dear 7% GST.

The soup of the day is a green Cream of Spinach Soup which was good. Nice texture. Smooth and not too fluid or thick, definitely not a manufactured chemical taste like that of Eighteen Chefs at Yishun.

My dish came with two side orders, fries and salad. The fries are average, nothing amusing about it. The salad is fresh as with all visits, the dressing is just nice too. Yummy greens. The Dory Fish is nicely executed, quite fresh too. The caper sauce doesn't really go well because, it tasted very salty, abit out of the place. The waiter, Nash, had adviced me not to go with this dish earlier on, but I decided to try something new.

My colleague enjoyed his chicken chops but he felt that it is a little oily being a healthy eater. Nonetheless a delicious dish and he was thinking of bringing his family here for a meal next time round.

As it was a hot day, the meal ended with a scoop of nice raspberry ice cream, nice choice. What could be better than have an ice cream on these roaring hot afternoons? My tea was served during dessert, the tea was served seperately with a tiny jar of milk, a packet of Equalizer and a packet of Sugar. I enjoyed the tea alot, fragrant and rich with flavour. The scenery was great too, vast blue skies with coconut trees swaying slowly with the wind along the beach and see P.Ubin's Chek Jawa, Johor and P.Tekong in the background.

I just like this place alot.


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