Glance of Ubin

On the 27th of February, 3 of the 4 Moose went to Pulau Ubin for cycling together with the Nee Soon East CC YEC members. This is my first time in Pulau Ubin. The place is a way different from the concrete jungles we are used to.

What is can find there is a relaxed community, good old nature, a few abandoned quarries, nice sceneries, bicycles and farms. It reminds me abit of the rural Taiwan there. Except instead of liu ding orchards, it is mainly coconut trees, cacti, bananas etc.

While it is now easier to move around with nicely paved roads, it is also starting to look like a huge nature reserve kind of park. In time to come, I think MRTs, condos, HDBs will come to Ubin when we ran out of land and get less sand. So better go there and look around before that time comes.

When I have the time, I would probably write more and post more stuff about Tekong and Ubin.


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