Saturday, Sunny Ubin Biking Trip, been almost 6years since i was last there for OBS in Sec 3.
And I must admit, excitement was in the air

Bump Boats which ferry us across for a small fee

Chugging along

Ubin as one would expect, has a real rustic (wow! rustic! first bombastic word of the day!) feel to it.
party cause its pretty much been untouched by development

The Long Winding Road ahead

One of many pit stops, atop the highest point of Ubin, just overlooking the Quarry.
Little aluminum sign warning hikers of the dangers beyond that fence, Along with a nice picture depicting how one would inevitably fall to his death should he be unfortunate enough.
Anyone sane enough would heed that sign with fear of his life

Naturally, we just jumped right over it and walked right up to the edge. And lucky we did, for how else would we have gotten shots like these

There were rumors that coupled with the empty space and still air around the quarry, Echos could be heard should one holler loud enough, which then sparked off the shouting contest, to see who had lungs powerful enough to bring the whole cliff down.

Of course, what else would one shout other than military commands, as displayed by the girl in orange attempting to command the bunch of monkeys living somewhere in the forest ahead.
She for one, managed to get 3echos, pretty impressive i might say.

Lunch Stop.
Right along the water edge, with Sean pulling off the pose for "What's Next?"

Vin's reaction to the many ground hornets we found flying around making nests right beside our lunch area

Titled : My retarded (Ex) Bunk Mate

Final Stop, Right at the famous Chek Jawa
unfortunately for us, it was high tide, leaving the curious explorers with nothing interesting to see.
Well, some may argue that HEY! there's ALWAYS something to see at Chek Jawa or something, but here's my answer to that
"OKAY FINE, maybe we're just tooo blind to see anything even if it was right in front of us, but fact is, we saw nothing"

And so, from that whole day, i ended up with the second burn of the week!
Lucky for me, mother was more than happy to help me shed, as always when i get sun-fried.
Cause, I would love to have my skin peeled off, since it itches when the new layer is growing, and she, happens to find joy in peeling off skin. Cool huh
Leaving me sitting there on the floor as she slowly rips off the skin whilst she watches TV

coming to that point, i ended up with a strange thought.
What happens when girls get burnt?
Do they too get someone to help them shed?
or do they have some miracle cream that somehow skips the whole shedding process?

Tomorrow's the day to go Rece for my lovely prawns, and also the day for the THIRD burn.
PLEASE let the sun be forgiving tomorrow.
I've yet to get used to my new skin


  1. haha the echo part died off with the at the end of the command with the "Ya!"



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