Liang Wei : Mayim Chinese Cuisine @ Yishun Northpoint

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This is my first time having Mayim.
The place is noisy as it is in the mall. Comfort : 3/5, Ambience 2/5

The menu is extensive and affordable. For drinks we had the blend of Jasmine Tea with Rose Buds. It is rather uncommon but it tasted average.

Huang Zi Dan Dan Mian (Customers' Favourite) - Spiced Flavoured "la mian" topped with minced pork, peanut, sesame and preserved vegetables served in soup ($6.00) : I find the peanut sauce too dilute but the peanut chunks added good crunch to chewy minced pork. - 3/5

Shanghai Xiaolongbao (3 pcs) - $2.00 - Probably pre-made, skin not firm enough and the meat is too oily. 2.5/5

Si Ji Dou - Fried French Beans with minced pork, dried shrimps and preserved vegetables ($7.00): Not overcooked. It was good. - 4/5

Chilled Mango Pudding ($.3.50) - It has lots of fruits (mango) but the mango taste can be stronger. - 4/5

The service is friendly, though quite inattentive at times. They gave two teapots, presumably for convenience (if one runs out, there is another one) but they took away both for refilling. Ordered 1 x XLB at the start but the waitress did not ask whether it was enough. They cleared the plates and refilled the tea pots without prompting.

For value. It is reasonable especially for the la mian and mango pudding. The food portion was just nice.

Reasonably Priced food, although quality can be inconsistent. More for value than excellence.
I felt So-So at the end of the meal.


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