JY : Mayim Chinese Cuisine @ Northpoint

Date Visited :

Address :
930 Yishun Avenue 2
#2-01/ 05 Northpoint
S'pore 769098

The staff are pretty efficient. The service was quick despite the large crowds.

The menu was filled with pictures which did a pretty job of describing the food. There are alot of dishes for you to choose too.

I had a Roasted Pork "la mian" served in Dry with Special Meat Sauce for $7.80 which is dish of tangy noodles and cripsy pork (without much fat thankfully and with a good price too.)

Shanghai Xiaolong Bao (3 for $2.00) was bursting with flavour. Almost literally. However, the aluminium thing that is holding the xiaolongbao is very annoying.

Chilled Mango Pudding ($3.50) is not too sweet. It has a careful balance of sweet and sour with nice big chunks of mango inside. Would be better if mango cubes were used.

The service was efficient, with pretty good timing for serving food from the point of ordering. They doesn't seem quite approachable and they are rather averagely professional and presentable.

Value is there because it is cheap for its "taste" and quality. The food portion is just nice.

Overall, they have a bustling business for a reason, with good value for money for its quality, service is efficient too considering the number of staff in the restaurant.
Although, I may feel compelled to leave soon after the meal due to the long queue waiting outside (guilt for hoarding seats)

I felt pleased with the meal.


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