Food For Thought

Two days ago I get the chance to visit Food for Thought, a small little cafe situated near National Library.

I have seen Chris' photos of the cafe before and I heard that their cakes are quite good, recommended by one of my recruits and Chris as well.

Upon entering, the place seemed more gloomy than cheerful. I was standing at the counter waiting for someone to tend to me, but they didn't even when one of them spotted me.

I waited for a while until this young lady spotted me and took my order for their Red Velvet Cake.
Apart from her, the rest of staff has a rather poor attitude.

The Red Velvet Cake was extremely big, it cost me $6.10 including a surcharge for takeaway.
I didn't tried the cake because it was meant as a gift for my colleague's birthday.

Personally, there is a huge contrast between the gloomy atmosphere I experienced at Food For Thought and the energetic and vibrant impression I had of the place through Chris' photos and the website.


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