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Jolly Frog Gourmet Bistro Bar is located along Neil Road, formerly known as Salat Road until March 1858 when it was changed in honour of the Brtish Heroes in the Indian Mutiny of 1857. I was down there today with my friend, Wei Liang for a Photography Outing and collection of photos for reference for a Chinatown map.

Liang Wei, another of my friend had pointed out Jolly Frog earlier and I was attracted by the big chalkboards outside the restaurant as well as its unique name during my last trip around the area.

This time round, after some phototaking on the Pinnacle with Wei Liang, we decided to head down to the Jolly Frog for breakfast. They offered a few sets like Mini Jazzle or Mini Jolly Breakfast at cheaper prices but we were attracted to the Eggs Benedict which was not part of the breakfast sets.

Jolly Frog Interior

The interior seemed very serious with its furnishing and rather uncomfortable too, it is such a huge contrast with its alfresco dining area which appeared more casual-looking. The overall design is as the bistro itself had described "kept simple".

The items on their menu are relatively cheap around the range of $8- $25++ (maybe $30 if you include the 10% service charge, there is not GST charge here when you looked at our receipt). According to their website, they specialized in Aussie Cuisine. Some of the food items brought back memories of Australia for Wei Liang.

Eggs Benedict II

For breakfast we were being recommended the Big Breakfast but I wasn't that hungry so we opted for the Eggs Benedict which was being recommended as well and we added the Grilled Smoked Bacon as one of the sides for $3. According to the waiter, the Slow Roasted Tomatoes was another popular choice as a side too.

Eggs Benedict I

The portion was just nice, the bread remained crispy even after Wei Liang and I took a few shots and it looked delicious. We started off with the Grilled Smoked Bacon which was ordinary however, the thing I liked about this bacon was the absence of that hard-to-chew fats. It wasn't too salty too.

Then we proceed onto the Eggs Benedict. Wei Liang being a straightforward person, just said "I will come back again", implying that the dish is acceptable. Both of us enjoyed the asparagus that came with the dish.

Overall, we were satisfied with the breakfast and we were freshened up for our photography tour down Duxton Hill. I would probably drop by again to try the other dishes given the quality and the value (compared to the neighbouring Dim Joy, Capricci, Saraceno or Pasta Brava which are more expensive if you want salmon, beef sirloin etc). There was a hiccup with the service earlier on, we couldn't find any staff to attend to us when we came but other than that they were rather friendly and approachable.

Jolly Frog Interior

81 Neil Road

Tel: +65 6222 9227

Opening hours:
9am – 11pm
9am – 1am



  1. wow. the egg benedict sure looks good! You guys have a lovely blog here! :)

  2. haha thanks (: yup we enjoyed the egg benedict, before we ordered it we saw another group of people having it and we told ourselves, "that looks delicious!"

  3. do you know what time the breakfast ends? hehe

  4. hi I was told by Jolly Frog that they serve all-day breakfast (:



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