Ricciotti (China Square)

Ricciotti is a member of the Garibladi Group of Restaurants. It serves Italian food or Italian themed dishes. They have two outlets one in China Square and the other at Circular Road. I did not intend to go to Ricciotti but it happened that today at the end point of our Photography Outing, Ricciotti was nearby and having heard about it in Restaurant Week, might as well give a try.

The restaurant is situated in one of the shophouse situated along Nankin Street of China Square. Nankin Street has a history of being the one of the oldest streets in Singapore dating back to the 1822 under the Raffles Town Plan where Samsui women and Rickshaw pullers once dwell. Today it is no longer a road but one of the plaza-like broadwalk that is part of China Square. There used to be a Upper Nankin Road which has made way for Hong Lim Complex along with Upper Cross Road.

Okay back to Ricciotti. They seemed to have a kids corner with a tent etc and the low ceiling of the interior makes the palce feel cramp. The whole place felt like a dining area in a wine cellar as one wall was being stocked with all kinds of wines. Unsurprisingly, they have a wine list as well (with some entries suggesting what food to pair with the wine). They also offer a variety of wines by glass ranging from $9-$18. There were apertiffs, grapa, red wines, white wines etc.


The Soffiato

While the ambience did not score high points, I don't quite enjoy dim lit places, the food and beverage did. Both Wei Liang and me went for the Soffiato, which is Warm Chocolate Cake served with their Homemade Chocolate Chip Gelato. Wei Liang also ordered a Frappe Moca. The Soffiato was served promptly and both of us enjoyed it. Not too thick, not too gooy, not too tough and goes very with their chocolate chip gelato with a hint of rum inside. The Frappe was good too but we didn't like the whipped cream that came with it.

The prices are rather steep but still lower than Garibladi without doubt. Expect to pay up to $15-$30++ with GST and Service Charge. Howeve, they do offer set lunch which is provides more value.

3 Pickering Street
#01-36/37 China Square Central - Nankin Row

Tel: +65 6438 8040

Opening hours
10am – 11pm
(Closed on Sun)



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