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Date: 250310

Located in Ann Siang Hill area, Seven on Club is a new member of the Ann Siang Food Scene with well-known names such as Les Bouchons, L’Angelus, The Screening Room, Senso Ristorante, Goto Restaurant and K ki. From my understanding, this Modern European cuisine restaurant has been revamped recently.

Having read about it from Loving Greens by Hui Yuan about their $25++ Set Lunch I decided to recommend it to my boss for lunch since we are having joining a conference nearby.

The restaurant is located at the end of Club Street, this street has its historical roots as a street packed by social clubs in the past, and one of the more notable ones that can be seen today is the Chinese Weekly Entertainment Club located near Liberty Building.

7th Club Street

No. 7 Club Street - Probably the origins of the name "Seven on Club"

Its premises is in a corner shop house with maroon awnings and a bar facing the outside. The interior adopts a classy, modern style with wooden furniture, classical statues, ornate mirrors with a touch of modernism with their chic lightings, simplistic line works that evokes a 70-80s feel.

Complimentary Bread with Olive Dip/ Spread

The service is not great but I have no complaints either. They were efficient in clearing the plates and used cutlery. Drinks were being refilled promptly as well. One of my fellow diners felt that one of the waiters could be a little smiley. In contrast to that waiter who is slightly older, there was another waiter who is more energetic and friendly as he would strike poses when he found out that I was drawing. His actions may be a bit out of place with the décor made my meal more enjoyable, makes the place more lively (:

Olive and Flowers

Porcelain Bowl with Olive Oil Dip and a "Tripod" Vase of Flowers

The waitress who ushered me to my seat seemed rather uptight but she put in effort to make sure that we our questions were being answered. While waiting for my boss and his partners to arrive, I was asked by waiters and waitresses whether I needed any drink without fail, that’s a bonus point.

Antipasti and Salad Buffet

Antipasti and Salad Bar featuring cooked cauliflower, egg salad, green salads.

Now to the food, my boss and his partners opted for the Antipasti and Salad bar buffet. They commended that it was good and they seemed to enjoy the antipasti and salads very much.

Sauteed Calamari with Chilli Garlic and Squid Ink with White Wine Sauce

My Appetizer : The Sauteed Calamari with Chilli and Garlic with Squid Ink and White Wine Sauce.

I decided to have the White Wine Sautéed Calamari with Chilli and Garlic in a bed of Fresh Squid Ink Sauce as I was told by the waiter that it was one of the more popular appetizers, the other more popular one is the Salad with Couscous.

I felt that the squid was fresh and it did not have the heavy or sometimes, pungent taste of squid, it was a little springy and those white rings of flesh is delicious. The chilli seemed to be a little bit too much for me, I don’t really eat spicy stuff, but it did not kill off the taste of the calamari despite giving a spicy kick to the dish. The wine white was quite subtle. I think it was responsible for the hint of sourness in the dish.

This was my first time tasting squid ink too, I thought the taste was going to be very strong but the sauce’s dark colour was just a deception. It was quite light and its purpose seems to be an ingredient that adds depth to the otherwise spicy dish. Speaking of which I would like to share this article found on on squid ink. This mysterious looking black liquid is rather interesting.

Pan-Seared Seabass Filet with Black Beans and Wolfberries Sauce

Pan-Seared Seabass with Black Bean and Wolfberries Sauce

And that was just all about the appetizers, what made me glad that I came to Seven on Club were the main courses for the set lunch. My boss and I had the Pan-Seared Sea Bass Fillet with Steamed Green, lavished with Black Bean and Wolfberry Sauce. I wasn’t very thrilled when I saw black beans in the name and my last experience with sea bass at the Re!Fill was negative. However, I am glad I had the sea bass this time round. It had a thin, crispy layer of skin with a nicely cooked white flesh underneath that was tender and delicate which went very well with the sauce.

Beef at 7 on Club

My boss’ business partners had the Grilled Tender and Juicy Beef Loin Fillet Accompanied by Cream Potato Glazed Vegetables, Thyme-Scented Red Wine Veal Jus and The Pacific Dory Served in Lemongrass-Lime Broth, with Somen Noodle and Spinach respectively . They enjoyed the beef loin fillet a lot, the middle portion was very juicy and tender, and the outer layer of the beef was nicely charred and slightly crispy. The sauce was good too. However, she commented that the meat nearer to the edges of the beef was slightly tougher and the best part was the middle.

Dory Filet

The Pacific Dory Served in Lemongrass-Lime Broth, Somen Noodle and Baby Spinach . The dory was rather bland but well-cooked. It seems to cater to people who prefer food that is on the lighter side.

Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream

For desserts I had the Baked Apple Crumble with Vanilla-Bean Ice Cream. One of boss’ partners’ commented that if you don’t like the contrast of the hot and cold you won’t enjoy this dish. Fortunately, I am not one of those guys. This was my first time having apple crumble, I must say it was a pleasant introduction to the dish. It looked better than the one I saw in Swensens years ago. The creamy and sweet vanilla ice cream together with the warm crunchy crust with fleshy bits of juicy apple ended the meal on a pleasant note for me.

Berries Parfait with Tropical Fruits

My boss and one of his busines partners had the Assorted Berries Parfait laced with Tropical Fruit Compote. My boss explained that the word “parfait”, meant “perfect” in French and it seemed to have fulfilled his expectation today for him and his business partner. The creamy dessert was sour yet refreshing.

Passionfruit Tiramisu

The dessert that didn’t make the cut for today was the Passion fruit Tiramisu. It was too sour. While I expected some sourness from Tiramisu because of the cheese, it seemed that the sourness originated from the passion fruit which didn’t go well with the cocoa and coffee flavour as it had overwhelmed the other flavours. The 4 of us agreed that the tiramisu wasn’t good but on the other hand, I think it is nice to know that Seven on Club is trying something new with classic dishes.

The meal ended with a cup of tea and coffee which some of us didn’t managed to finish as we need to rush off for the conference.

All these came at a price of $25++ per pax as it is all part of the set menu. I want to thank my boss Col (Ret) Png for giving us a surprise treat, his Business partners for sharing the food and Seven on Club for allowing me to take photographs.

I will definitely come back for more in the future. I hope Seven on Club will continue to be innovative with their menu and polish up on their service. Last but not least, in comparison with its Ann Siang cousins uphill (L’Angelus, Goto, Les Bouchons etc), 7 on Club has a competitive edge on the value factor. I hope they will be able to maintain it as such. At $25++ for lunch and $38++ for dinner with the kind of quality we tasted today, it will say it is all worth it to travel down to Ann Siang Hill to try out Seven on Club drop by K Ki too.

Address :
7 Club Street

Tel: +65 6327 9663

Opening hours :
11.30am – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
6.30pm – 10.30pm
(Closed on Sun & PH)


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