Da Dong Prawn Noodles 大東蝦麵 | Big Prawn Noodles

I was introduced to this prawn mee place at Joo Chiat which is being run by the second generation of hawkers. The prawns was fresh, huge and juicy, easily the best part of the meal. The soup was flavourful but noticeably more delicate (less oily or jelak) than the usual prawn noodles. The noodles were just right as well.

The pricing for the prawn mee is bound to raise some eyebrows at 13 - 20 SGD, a price range beyond the norms of what is expected of hawker food pricing. However, if one sees prawn mee or hawker food on par as Japanese ramen or Italian pasta, and considers the amount of work that goes into the hawker food such as prawn mee. I think the pricing is acceptable. The food is good too.


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