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Nam Kee Chicken, is not to be confused with Wee Nam Kee or Lee Fun Nam Kee, even though they are all related and goes back to the 1960s. You could read up about it here by ieatishootipost. I have seen this rustic eatery along Thomson Road for a long time, since I moved here in my secondary school days. I always thought Nam Kee and Wee Nam Kee chicken rice are the same until recently.

One day after seeing a sinseh nearby, I wasn't too keen on having bak chor mee, prata or Hainanese curry rice and popped by Nam Kee instead for chicken rice. I was surprised all these costed only 3 SGD. At where I work, there is a Wee Nam Kee and there are food courts, getting a plate 3 SGD Chicken Rice is unthinkable.

The food's not bad, the meat's fine, tender with some soy seasoning. The rice could be better but the soup's not bad even though some might find it oily. The place is "rustic" as many would describe it and I think the food's like that too, it was done in a style where there is little gimmicks or pretense. It is just good old, heart-warming chicken rice. The place's not too busy or noisy too on a weekday evening.

Nam Kee Chicken Rice & Restaurant
201 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574343


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