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The Lime Truck is a new stall that opens at PasarBella in Suntec City, next to Wolf Burgers. Due to the local regulations, red tape etc, the lime truck would be a static food truck within a mall. Nonetheless, it is still an opportunity to try out what is on offer by food truck entrepreneur and chef, Daniel Shemtob from the United States.

The Lime Truck serves Latin-American inspired street food and we began with some tortilla chips and their Signature Guacamole which are made in-house. The chunky dip is made with avocado, lime juice, coriander, garlic, black beans, sweet corn and jalapeno. It is pretty good and we have to have seconds of the dip.

After some appetizer, we are off to the Tacos. The Lime Truck has at least five kinds of Tacos on offer and are priced around 4 - 5 SGD each.

First up, there is the Slow Braised Pork Belly Taco (4.00 SGD) which has sugar and soy braised pork belly with green pico, sambal and cilantro. It sounded better than it tasted. The pork belly was too dry and the firmer corn tortilla only makes the dryness of the pork more apparent. The salsa does help a little.

Fried Chicky Taco (4.00 SGD) on the other hand, is much better. It has Buttermilk Fried Chicken, a blend of lime seasoning, dijon slaw, pickled mustard seeds, house pickle all wrapped up with a softer flour tortilla. It somewhat resembled a decent tandoori chicken wrap with the tangy spices and all. Also doing much better than the pork belly is the tenderness of the chicken with a crispy batter. However, this combination of crispy chicken with tangy mix is very safe and can't go wrong.

The Grilled Barramundi Taco (4.60 SGD) is the only seafood option. It is grilled baramundi with chipotle-honey slaw, zesty lime guacomole and a blend of lime seasoning plus lime wrapped with a corn tortilla. I thought this didn't make much of an impression as nothing stands out. Like the pork belly, it sounded better than it tasted.

With a name like this, the No. #1 Steak Taco heightened our expectations for this taco, which has sweet and spicy steak, soy ginger slaw, wanton strips and cilantro chimichurri wrapped in a corn tortilla. Unfortunately, the No. #1 Steak Taco failed to deliver simply because the steak was overdone. The flavours and the fried wanton bits were spot on, I like the savoury mix and the crispy wanton bits. but the steak, the most important component of this combination was a little too dry and tough. It was just okay and I hope this is an isolated case of a less than satisfactory steak.

After a host of generally average or less than average tacos, I wasn't very keen on trying on another one but I was glad that I had the Gringo taco. It was good, it saved the meal. The Beef Rib Taco "The Gringo" (4.50 SGD) is a flour tortilla taco with slow braised ribs, buttermilk fried onions, arugula and horseradish crema. The combination worked very well and the beef ribs was awesome, it was tender, flavorful and went very well with the crispy fried onions bits as well as the creamy, slightly spicy horseradish crema. This is a good taco worth coming back for.

Besides, the tacos, I also had some sides. The Chicken Skinz (3.90 SGD) was much raved about, but it is just crispy chicken "chips" with cheesy sauce to me.

I was however, hooked on these, the Legendary Brussel Sprouts (3.90 SGD) which are simply perfect. The brussel sprouts were roasted and has a nice smoky fragrance, not to mention it tasted great too and the use of lup cheong bits instead of a run-out-of-the-mill bacon bits is brilliant because it adds an interesting twist to the flavours and textures. This, we had seconds if not thirds of it.

Lastly, we ended with some Churros (5.90 - 6.90 SGD), you have choice of with green tea sauce or original, both of which are pretty good with a delicate crispy edge and chewy on the inside. The churros are made in-house and serving of three looks miserable but it is deceptively filling. However, I find it a little steep for its pricing.

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City, North Wing
#01-K39 PasarBella @ Suntec City
Singapore 038983

Thank you Food News PR for the invitation and the hospitality.


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