Belgrade | Balkan Food at Manufaktura

Reaching our hostel, the YOLOstel located in the central part of the city’s old town area. The hostel owner recommended us to try a place named Manufaktura, to try some “authentic Balkan food”. IT is recognizable for its canopy of red umbrellas and bears resemblance to the boutique, designer cafes in Singapore such as Skyve and Level 33. It looked somewhat “atas”

Nonetheless, we decided to give the place a try.

We had the Pečena Paprika or “Roasted Peppers” for starters. We were expecting something spicy but instead it was a pleasant surprise to find a sweet, “meaty” dish which a tasty appetizer.

My friend managed to strike up conversation with the one of the staff at the restaurant and he decided to let as try some goat cheese and cold cuts (possibly a smoked pork loin( on the house. 

We also had the Lovačke šnicle which is known as Hunters’ Schnitzel (460 Serbian Dinars, 6 SGD).  Stewed pork chops with mushrooms served with blocks of polenta. It is pretty rich and heavy and on the salty side at the Manufaktura. The thick gravy goes well with the polenta.

It was a pretty interesting start to a trip to Belgrade.

The appetizers cost about 200 - 400 Serbian Dinars (2 - 5 SGD) 
and main courses cost around 360 - 500+ Serbian dinars (5 - 8 SGD). 

Kralja Petra 13
Beograd 11000, Serbia


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