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Originally in Dempsey, The Disgruntled Chef has opened the Disgruntled Brasserie, taking over the premises of Le Chocolat Café at The Club at Ann Siang Hill. Unlike its predecessor, the interiors of Disgruntled Brasserie has an exclusive atmosphere complete with an old world finishes of oak and brown leather. There is a livelier bar area where diners had pre-dinner aperitifs or drinks after the work in contrast to the dining area when we visited. The restaurant however, aims to be a friendly casual dining area, with cozy booth seating that encourages sharing of dishes.

The menu is separated into “Small Plates” and “Large Plates” (of course the desserts are under “Sweets”) Prices are in the higher $$$$ bracket. A glance through the menu reveal almost no options for vegetarians, it is a mix of poultry, seafood, beef and pork thus this is something you might want to take note of. 

The highest priced item is a 200 Days Grain-fed Angus Ribeye (500 grams) at $128++ (Ruth Chris Steakhouse is about $110 for 450g). Most items however hover around the 15-40 range before tax. You might get a better value with Lunchtime Set Menus at $28++ or $32++ which includes a couple of their signatures.

Sharing is part of the dining experience at Disgruntled Brasserie and started off with some Small Plates to share. The first was the Home-Cured Salmon (16.00++ SGD) with Horseradish Buttermilk, Pickled Cucumber and Marinated Avocadoes which was a great starter. I thoroughly enjoyed the texture and salmon with the array of flavors as a result of the mix of the subtly spicy horseradish buttermilk and marinated avocadoes.

Then there was the Gruyere Cheese Souffle (16.00++ SGD) with Caramelized Onions and Chardonnay Fondue which is particularly memorable with its execution. The soufflé came out just right, it was light and fluffy paired with rich, creamy fondue.

The Foie Gras (18.00++ SGD) and Peanut Butter Miso with Blackcurrant Gel, Poached Grapes and Brioche was decent but if you are looking for the stronger flavors normally associated with Foie Gras, you might be disappointed. If you like the texture of the foie gras but not fan of the flavor of it, this would be a choice. I personally find the peanut butter miso to be stronger, you that nutty, thick creamy paste which was made in house paired with a creamy foie gras  and finish with a drier, crumbly brioche. The combination is a nice variety of textures and flavours which I would enjoy more if “foie gras” is not the sold as the emphasis of this appetizer.

We then move on to the Large Plates, the main courses of a meal. We began with a Chilean White Cod (38.00++ SGD), Salted Cod Brandade, Remy Martin VSOP Scampi Butter, Lemon Confit and Normande Sauce. This dish is really really good. The cod was done right, flakes off nicely, with a delicate browned crust, an excellent sauce that is savoury and fragrance. My friend and I enjoyed this greatly.

Another seafood item we got is the Seafood Bouillabaisse (38.00 ++SGD) of Barramundi, Clams, Mussels, Shrimps, Squid and Rouili Toast. The dish has a theatrical presentation. It comes with a teapot of the broth, a thick and rich seafood broth that you can pour over the assortment of seafood and enjoy with toast. The broth has a bitter finish when we tried it and resembled really rich and fragrant lobster bisque with a very smooth texture that is not too thick. While some like it, some find it to be of an acquired taste. However, I understand the chef is still fine-tuning the bouillabaisse. Interesting dish.

We also had the Iberico Pork Collar (32.00++ SGD) with Caraway Milk, Poached Caramelized Cabbage, Jerusalem Artichoke Puree, Grilled Scallions and Star Anise Jus.

This is quite decent but it is not as memorable and impressive as the hext dish which is the Homemade Squid Ink Pasta with Crabmeat, Shrimps, Chilli and Fresh Herbs. (28.00++ SGD). I really enjoy the pasta which is made in-house, the uneven textures and the slight springy texture of the pasta broke the monotonous experience I normally associate with pasta. The dish is also made even more memorable by the tasty chunky and mix of crabmeat, shrimps, chilli and fresh herbs which varied the textures and flavours more. This is a dish I would be happy to have.

Finally, we finish off with the desserts, the Sweets. The Chocolate Fondant (18.00++) with Crème Anglaise and Pistachio Ice Cream was a crowd favourite. The pairing is a little strange for me, but it is a favourite of my friend. 

There is also the Apple Tarte Tatin (16.00++) with Almond Cream and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream which was quite good but my favourite (perhaps also how the meal had progressed) was the Lemon Curd (16.00++ SGD) with biscuit, wildberries, Vanilla Chantilly Cream, Shiso Leaf Ice Cream partly because it is a nice palate cleanser and finishes off a meat and rich meal but also it is an fascinating mix of flavours. The refreshing and fragrant Shiso Leaf Ice Cream went very well with the Lemon Curd. The flavours were memorable and the texture is a nice variation as opposed to a chocolate fondant I feel. 

And that's the end of the meal with a cup of coffee.

The food here might be brasserie fare but it tends to want to be sophisticated and complex like its counterpart in Dempsey. A minor detail that could have led to a better experience and expectation of the food her lies in the graphic and copywriting of the menu which adopts a ingredient type description which at times can be inconsistent or trying hard to be something else, taking the focus away from the actual dish if I am ordering the food based on the descriptions on the menu alone without recommendations. Most of the items especially the large plates are classics and the written description at times might spoil the surprise in some dishes or set up a slightly off mood or expectation for the dish which leads to bewilderment, and that is most evident with the Foie Gras dish. Otherwise, food's good, loved the booth seating and the pace is right. Just let the food shine, and let the subtlety and surprises amuse!

Overall, I think the food at Disgruntled Brasserie is enjoyable. I think there should be some room for diners to taste and savour the dishes. The most memorable dishes here are the Squid Ink Pasta, Gruyere Cheese Souffle, Home-Cured Salmon and Chilean White Cod which I really enjoy.

The Disgruntled Brasserie
28 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069708

Thank you Food News PR and Disgruntled Brasserie for the invitation and hospitality!


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