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Do you like eating dim sum?

Then you should not miss out on this limited culinary cultural exchange between Singapore and Hong Kong at the Wan Hao Restaurant this month. For a short period, two Hong Kong chefs from the JW Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong, Chef Chow Shing Yip and Chef Liu Wai Hung have come up with a few dim sum creations that you can enjoy at Wan Hao Restaurant in Marriott Hotel Singapore. If you are in Hong Kong, Singapore Marriott Hotel's Sous Chef John Chye is in Hong Kong's JW Marriott Hotel to present the Best of Singapore Cuisine from 16th - 29th March 2015.

Here is a list of dim sum that you could look forward to in this special, exquisite Cantonese dim sum menu prepared by the guest chefs.

Steamed Scallop with Fungus and Vegetable Dumpling | Decent.
This was decent, scallop was just right.

Steamed Wild Mushroom and Celery Dumpling | Simple but superb.
This has a mix of crunchy celery and smooth flesh-like texture of the wild mushrooms. Along with the Crispy Shrimp Dumpling with Supreme Soup, this is another of my favourites among this list. This is simplicity at its best.

 Steamed Crab Roe with Minced Pork in Superior Soup Bun | Excellent soup, decent.
This is like a xiaolongbao with the addition of crab flavours. Not bad. The soup was pretty well done, clean, refined and rich. Texture-wise, this beats Ding Tai Fung’s Chili Crab Xiaolongbao hands down.

Abalone and Taro Puff | Oily but very tasty.
The usual taro puff is given a midas touch with the addition of a small abalone. This was pretty good, I loved the flaky texture of the taro puff and the filling was very nicely done. However, I found it to be rather oily.

Crispy Shrimp Dumpling with Supreme Soup | Something new and delicious.
This is my favourite dim sum of the meal, I the supreme soup am very rich and I thought it was a refreshing take on dim sum by using the crispy shrimp dumpling to soak up the rich flavours of the soup. The mix of textures and the combination of flavours was interesting in a good way.

Baked BBQ Pork and Egg White Puff | Very Good.
This is rather different from the usual baked BBQ Pork buns or puffs. The texture was uniquely flaky or crumbly yet firm enough to not break apart in to bits. The filling was not bad.  The char siew and gravy is on the sweeter side but the meat was very tender without any fatty bits.

Pan-fried Minced Pork Bun with Sesame Seed and Spring Onion | Crispy & chewy, decent.
These shengjian bao is a common breakfast item in Shanghai where it comes from. As its name suggests, these pork-filed buns are pan-fried rather than steamed in its raw bough form. Usually the bottom would be the pan-fried then flipped over but here at Wan Hao, the top is the pan-fried portion. By pan-frying the baozi, the bun would have a combination of chewy and crispy textures. This was pretty tasty.

Pan-Fried Shredded Abalone and Pork Dumpling | A very nice 'gyoza'.
This resembles the gyoza or guo tie we are familiar with. While it was decent, it did not left a deep impression.

Sweetened Old Dragon Fruit Cake | Like agar agar, not bad.
This is something new for a dim sum menu. It was refreshing and a welcomed ending to a dim sum menu. It has a texture similar to agar agar but with the flavours of a dragon fruit.

Crispy Sesame Sticky Rice Flour Ball | Good.
Another common dim sum item on the menu, I thought this was nicely done, the pastry was delicate and not starchy and the sweetness was just rice. In retrospect, this is one of the better zhimaqiu or jian dui I had. I would love to savour this with a nice pot of oolong tea.

Before our meal, we were treated to an invigorating concoction of chye sim, honey and pineapple which was an excellent drink to cool off in the blazing hot afternoons.

This Hong Kong Dim Sum Feast at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is only available till the 22nd of March 2015, 11.00 am to 3.00 pm. For more information visit their website or call (+65) 6831 4605.

Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865

Thank You Karen, Eileen and Shi Ning from Singapore Marriott Hotel for the invitation and hospitality!


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