12 Spots to See at the SingaPlural 2015

SingaPlural is an annual event celebrating art and design in Singapore from multiple disciplines such as Landscape Architecture, Graphics Design, Architecture, Fine Arts and Industrial Design. This year’s SingaPlural is the 4th edition and curated by GOVT, a local advertising agency as well as PLUS Collaboratives, a young design studio.

For this five-day event from 10th to 15th March 2015, here are some things you can look forward to:

The Former Beach Road Police Station, 99 Beach Road
The venue of the event is a colonial-era building was dates back to 1931. The building served as the headquarters of the Geylang Police Division until May 1988 before the Central Police Divisional HQ occupied the building. The building was used for police operations until 2001 and was later occupied by the Raffles Design Institute in 2003. Now in a state of limbo, the building is once again in another chapter of its lifetime, fitting SingaPlural’s theme of “Process”.

Face to Face with A Good Citizen
If you have been following the local webosphere and design scene for some time, you might have seen the works of A Good Citizen (好公民) popping up every now and then. Most recognized by the provocative, vivid and local-flavoured illustrations such as the “Dot Ess Gee” series by Citizen Dan and humourous and light-hearted rendition of a Merlion-tempura hybrid: Singa-pura by Citizen Snares, an exclusive work made for the event can be seen at the main entrance of the event venue entitled “Singapore Screenshot”.

The Marvellous Marble Factory by Olivia Lee
Industrial designer, Olivia Lee tempts you with deceptively tasty looking ice cream and sweets that turned out to be marbles from various parts of the world. Inspired by Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, you would probably leave the installation with a new perspective of marble.

Drawn into the World of the Band of Doodlers
The self-styled “white space bandits” has conquered yet another blank wall in SingaPlural. Led by Mas, also known as “Wanton Doodle”, the Band of Doodlers has a stunning piece of work that serves as a fitting backdrop for local juice maker, Gorilla Press and coffee bar, Papa Palheta. Whether you are having a juice or caffeine at the event, you can let your mind wander and explore the beautiful doodles by the Band of Doodlers.

Gorilla Press Co.
The superfood concept shop is a must –visit at the SingaPlural event. Design and concepts goes beyond the visuals and aesthetics and Gorilla Press by Valerie Oei and Ong Weiquan expressed this in their exploration of superfoods through cold-pressed juices. One of my favourites is the Perfect Start, an appropriate drink to enjoy at the start of your journey in SingaPlural. Made with ingredients like nashi pear and cayenne pepper, it is a very refreshing concoction that is perfect for the hot weather in Singapore.

The Quarters
The Quarters from Enggor Street in Tanjong Pagar has a booth at SingaPlural as well. Chung Deming, who came up the Durian Crème Brulee or “Durian Can Boleh” is here to present you’re a whole new take on what an ingredient is capable of in terms what kind of flavours it can present. This is most apparent in their interesting range of ice cream especially the Buah Keluak Ice Cream which has a caramel-mocha like sweetness mixed with a savoury flavour without the use of gula Melaka. Their Chili Crab Pasta is pretty decent too.

Singapore through Scents: Scent Mapping Singapore by AllSense
Scents, like visuals provokes memories and associations, AllSense tries to present a dimension of Singapore using the sense of smell. Think of Balestier Bak Kuh Teh, Satay or even the smell of the interiors of ION Orchard.

Clayground by the Weekend Worker
The Weekend Worker which was at the Makers of SG event is back again with an elegant installation. Clayground is meant to show the process of making a ceramic product from idea to final product using ceramic as the medium.

Cultural Exchange | The Temporary Visitor
“For Twelve Days, Japan Let Us In,” reads the introduction. The Temporary Visitor by SingaPlural Design Study Mission is a cultural exchange between Singaporeans and the artisans and designers in Japan where the locals’ encounters with the various craft in Japan are translated onto individual tablescapes.

Water Flow | The Raindrop Bar by Goh Weixiang
Set up by NUS Landscape Architecture student, Goh Weixiang and his peers, the Raindrop Bar is stunning piece of installation in the evening which explores the relationship between Singapore’s annual rainfall and its usage of land surface area to capture 90% of this rainfall for local consumption. (Yeap airbnb is there too! You could win $2000 worth of airbnb vouchers as well!)

Royal Stinker | Homage to the King of Fruits by Salad Dressing
A Damien-Hirst treatment is given to the King of Fruits by the Salad Dressing, which plays with your perception and expectations of the tropical fruit as you approach their work through layers of imageries associated with the fruit such as the no-durians sign. I shall leave it to you to experience their artwork (:

Naiise - CATCH
Lastly, local design shop, Naiise as well as contemporary womenswear brand CATCH is there to provide you with some local-flavoured souvenirs to purchase home after your journey in SingaPlural. Available at the pop-up by Naiise include Hunter’s Kitchenette’s awesome Pistachio Butter, Straits Preserves' Singapore Sling Marmalade and GSH Conserves’ range of tropical fruit conserves.

Lastly, plenty of opportunities to take quirky photographs here and do take the opportunity to explore the historic building!

99 Beach Road
10th - 15th March 2015

Opening Hours
11am – 10pm daily

More pictures below:

Bynd Artisan at the workshop area.

Measure of Land by ACRE

Ferris Wheel of Singapore by Raffles Design Institute

My Singapore Memory by Raffles Design Institute

Superseded by Xin Xiaochang


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